Casio has exploited its presence in the fair of technology International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), that is develops in the center of conventions of them Vegas, to give to know their new solution of digital signage, Casio Signage, focused to help to brands and owners of stores to attract new customers and to increase visits in the point of sale.

Casio Signage

Casio Computer has announced in the fair technological CES of them Vegas (USA) their plans to revolutionize the advertising point of sale and showcases with the launch of a new line of business of signage digital: Casio Signage. The Japanese firm innovates in a new concept of public attraction to the shops: a powerful tool to help brands and shop owners to obtain a unique advantage over its competitors and thus attract new customers.

The advertising point of sale has that capture the attention of them customers, also be interesting and sufficiently relevant as to invite them to experiment with she. It line of business Casio Signage has an approach revolutionary and innovative with optimal tools of advertising and services of showcase online to attract to new customers and increase so the visits to the point of sale.

Casio SignageCasio Signage is a tool at the forefront of virtual advertising to Captivate passers-by with a character of realistic appearance that speaks to them from the screen. Her own screen has actually the shape of a character customizable in each case. The appearance of the character and the voice can be easily to maintain interest and update messages. Casio Signage is very compact and does not require any installation work, so it is easy to find a suitable site. It also offers multilingual support for visitors who speak several languages, and its light source has a duration of approximately 20,000 hours. Along with innovative online services, such as the issuance of digital coupons, shops with Casio Signage will have a value-added on their competence.

Features main of Casio Signage:

  • Images realistic help to Captivate to the passers-by and attract to the customers
  • The screen itself has the form of the character or person, and refers to would-be visitors to the store to get their attention.
  • Updatable content to hold the interest of visitors
  • A store retailer you provide to Casio an image fixed and a text. Then Casio animates the image and added the voice. Not be requires the production of video for the stores. This process makes it very easy to update.
  • With a compact size, can be placed almost anywhere in the store: 458 mm x 536 mm. Not be required work of installation.
  • Soporte multilingüe para los visitantes: Los idiomas disponibles son inglés, chino, coreano, español… Los clientes pueden seleccionar el idioma que desean escuchar.
  • Nube de servicios únicos para realizar los planes de promoción al por menor
  • Vida útil de 20.000 horas: La tecnologít Laser-LED Híbrida de Casio proporciona un bajísimo consumo y asegura una vida útil de 20.000 horas.

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By • 9 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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