The multinational U.S. HP has given to know in the Consumer Electronics Show of the Vegas your new monitor IPS HP Envy, a screen of 27 inches with a resolution of 1080 p that incorporates as novelty it technology of Beats Audio, as well as others models LED much more fine and with new connectors.

HP presented at the CES in Las Vegas the new IPS monitor of 27-inch HP Envy - the first screen with Beats Audio system - that is with which the user can enjoy a unique audiovisual experience thanks to joint work with Beats by Dre. Sound takes on a special role in this monitor, since it incorporates a bottom bar, where the speakers are integrated and their design has a slight incline, which offers a higher quality middle and high frequencies as well as serious richer. Of this way, HP improves even more the experience of sound and the users can enjoy of the music as has been conceived by them own artists.

The 27 inch display with ultra-thin design has an aluminum base of very small size that occupies very little space on your desktop and offers an elegant visual appearance of more demanding work, even for the users area. IPS technology improves the view of the screen from any angle (178 degrees horizontal and vertical) with levels of brightness and contrast of the panels above conventional TN.

Innovative monitors and screens

HP also has led to the Vegas the new monitors IPS (22xi-23xi), that offer technology IPS of great quality to the work daily, with a price very affordable. Your quality of vision improved makes the images look much more clear and sharp. In addition, its design is much thinner and integrates multitude of connectors for analog, digital and multimedia options. Note that they incorporate functions of consumption and saving Customization screen, thanks to HP My Display software functions, so that users can split the screen and open multiple applications at the same time.

In addition, the monitor LED 24 "HP x2401es an ultra-thin screen with MVA technology that offers a clear vision from all angles for a more consistent and real colors. Its base with adjustable tilt improves the Outlook and allows to organize cables in the rear to keep your desktop clean and tidy. It also incorporates DP/HDMI connectivity and VESA support, so you can hang on a wall. Its metallic finish provides an ideal aspect for users who appreciate innovative design.

For his part, monitors HP ProDisplay Series (available in 20 and 21.5-inch models) represent an advance in the field of screens for daily use in enterprises. It is practical and reliable, designed monitors with energy efficiency in mind. They have an excellent performance of screen that provides images and sharp text and more screen space to move. Your soft and slender designs in black practically fades into the background and maintain images displayed on LED panel fig.3E as main focus.

Finalmente, el monitor LED IPS HP ZR2330w ofrece un gran rendimiento profesional a un precio asequible. La tecnología IPS proporciona colores brillantes desde casi cualquier ángulo. Además, cuenta con una conectividad avanzada que hace que sea ideal para configuraciones multipantalla. Sus entradas VGA, DVI y DisplayPort permiten trabajar con dispositivos nuevos y antiguos, mientras que el hub USB permite mantener los periféricos al alcance de la mano. Sus ajustes flexibles de altura, inclinación y giro aportan verdaderos beneficios en cuanto a ergonomía a sus usuarios, y así pueden trabajar de forma más productiva a lo largo del día.

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By • 9 Jan, 2013
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