Bosch Security Systems has extruded to the market the new cameras Dinion HD 1080 p HDR, that offer high resolution HD in all type of conditions of lighting, the version 4.0 of the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS), the new series of monitors 16:9 for applications HD of 42 "and 55″ and the new application free and native for iPad Video Security, that allows the access instant to recordings HD in any part , from anywhere.

Bosch Security Systems It has expanded its portfolio of surveillance products incorporating key elements for a complete solution for video surveillance in high definition, from the stage to the screen, with cameras, monitors and both fixed control-center environments and mobility management systems.

With the launch of their Dinion cameras 1080 p HDR, Bosch Security Systems fixed high standard of high definition, with features as intelligent backlight compensation, adaptive noise reduction, the great color reproduction or incorporation of the automatic tracking to Intelligent analysis, Dinion cameras & domes Bosch security systems offer exceptional image without losing a single detail. The addition of the 'Region of interest' to the Intelligent Video analysis allows you to track moving objects on the stage in a channel independent of the complete image. You are cameras also include dual option (PoE or low voltage) power, intuitive interface, remote auto-update and ONVIF compatibility.

Powerful management software

The BVMS 4.0 detects and assigns automatically addresses IP, so all the cameras is behave equal before the operator, and is can configure from any location. The version 4.0 allows the control and operation centralized of different buildings even with width of band low, by groups of users, determining what is what the building of control central can see of those subsystems. This is an important aspect in the case of legally independent entities. In addition, it is not necessary to apply for a license for each camera within the multiserver environment but only for each subsystem, thus facilitating the integration of channels, stations work and, even, additional functionality.

The operators will also benefit from access through mobile devices, since it supports live viewing and playback on mobile clients, including permits from the BVMS. The new client is configured so that the current operators can register using your existing credentials. It can also be operated from a tablet. The BVMS is compatible with cameras of third parties who comply with the ONVIF standard. This makes that you support a wide range of technologies, from analog matrix Allegiant to the latest HD technologies and Video analysis. As a result, users can migrate or extend their systems while maintaining your existing equipment and so repay their investment.

New App for iPad

If the control centre operator is outside the work center, Bosch launches the new native app for iPad and free call Video Security, which allows access to images recorded in high definition instantly, from anywhere, to anywhere, thanks to the pioneering dynamic transcoding technology. Access to recordings of high definition, content analysis, scientific search in remote access, PTZ movements through the unique movement of the mobile device, export to FTP servers or even to your Dropbox account, always under exquisite passwords or SSL security measures.

All in a perfect combination of hardware and software make HD surveillance remains Bosch redefined by the new standards.

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By • 11 Jan, 2013
• Section: Security

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