A new installation of virtual reality in the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) from Ansty Park, in the city of Coventry (United Kingdom), uses four projectors 3D stereoscopic projectiondesign F35 ace3d assets in a system CAVE of front and rear projection.

Manufacturing Technology Centre

The Norwegian firm ProjectionDesign has provided four projectors 3D stereoscopic active F35 ace3d for the new system CAVE of the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) of Coventry (United Kingdom), that helps to those researchers industrial to visualize complex processes three-dimensional. Installed and designed by virtual reality specialists, HoloVis Internationalthe system is designed so that the manufacturers of the United Kingdom can naturally view prototype 3D plants and manufacturing processes before placing them in the production process.

Within the suite of virtual reality of the MTC, F35 ace3d projectors have been installed with front and rear projection and equipped with lens technology for distortion-free projection specially designed to provide detailed and accurate images. He HoloVis CAVE incorporates it last in technology of monitoring of movement based in cameras go to follow the position and the orientation of the head of the user.

The system generates 3D graphics in real-time from the perspective of the user, providing more natural interaction with the virtual world. A wand of input device also allows the natural human interaction within computer databases at all times. The system had to be designed in the present facilities of the MTC and HoloVis manufactured structure CAVE and the platforms of the projectors to conform to the limitations of the available space for the solution, ensuring that there was no commitment in the technical configuration.

Reliable 3D system

To explain the requirements for screening technology, Jonathan Shaw, director of technology at the MTC, said: "We needed a system that could handle any type of 3D content, and allowing the user to approaching the surface of projection, while maintaining a good resolution, a critical requirement for a system fully immersive."

Similarly, Stuart Hetherington, managing director of HoloVis International, pointed out that "the system is designed to enable manufacturers of the United Kingdom to visualize complex processes three-dimensional processes. F35 ace3d projectors were selected due to its small size, the quality of construction and general reliability, as well as its optical performance. The technology is backed up by an excellent installation and support of our partners projectiondesign engineering".

For his part, Clive Hickman, executive director of the MTC, explained: "the virtual reality suite allows to make informed decisions before ordering and spending money on the construction of a physical prototype. Multiple interactions can be seen in context. From concepts up to complete solutions can be investigated and analyzed quickly and soon within the design process to ensure that costly mistakes, avoided promoting development to focus on with confidence in the key objectives. The diversity of applications in which the system is used is virtually limitless, including: research of new product designs, detailed analysis of the evolution of the solder joints, or the development of the procedures associated with a new manufacturing facility. Installation of the virtual reality suite provides value added through basic research topics and generate great benefits for the stakeholders of the TCM and the research members and commercial interests."

Finally, Anders Løkke, Marketing director of projectiondesign, has commented: "ace3d F35 projector was created to meet the installation requirements and the demands of virtual environments. It comes with a resolution of 1,200 x 1,900 to frequencies of 120 Hz update and the ability to display 3D video content. For a precision total, the software of management of the color RealColor facilitates the calibration on-site to offer images accurate. "As well as the lenses especially designed, MTC can adjust the image through its Smear Reduction Processing that minimizes them artifacts of movement to play images magnificently detailed."

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By • 14 Jan, 2013
• Section: Infrastructure, Projection

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