Digital signage, BrightSign, solution provider and its Distributor and integrator in France, TMM Communication, implemented a network of digital signage in the stores 'Buy Paris' duty-free from the international airport Charles de Gaulle city of Senna.

BrightSign_BuyParisBrightSign It has announced its recent collaboration with TMM Communication to provide digital signage to buy in the shops 'Buy Paris' duty-free in the airport Paris Charles de Gaulle. The Société of Distribution Aéroportuaire (SDA), a joint venture between Aéroports of Paris and Aelia (Lagardère Services), chose to BrightSign and TMM Communication to implement its strategy of communication digital in them shops duty-free ' Buy Paris', the brand retail created by SDA.

The Charles de Gaulle airport flagship store opened on 27 March, 2012 and is equipped with seven screens double horizontal ceiling mounted and a video wall of screens covering nine square meters. A second store opened on June 28 in the new waiting room of the Terminal 2E of the airport Charles de Gaulle, and was equipped only with high-impact formats: a pair of display walls covering 14 square meters each, and a column consisting of 36 synchronized screens.

Michel Baronnier, President of TMM Communication, explained "BrightSign players delivered video content in high-quality, perfectly synchronized with displays of Samsung's 46 and 70-inch video massive walls, as well as the architectural arrangement of the screens of 36 to 43 inches in a circular column Hyundai. This impressive facility captures really the attention of travellers, since they pass right in front of the duty-free shopping area".


BrightSign players

He study technical, the management of projects, the integration of content and the installation of the solution of signage digital were carried to out by TMM Communication. The company chose BrightSign players since they offer the reliability to support operation 24/7 which requires an airport environment, and the ability to synchronize video from high definition without problems, through multiple walls video.

"After the installation with success in the FNAC, were safe in use the products of BrightSign for this innovative installation of high impact." "As well as a timeline of rapid deployment, also had in mind the low consumption of electricity of the players, because imagine the result on a video wall of 36 screens if we had used 36 PCs of 400w", added Baronnier.

In total, the shops include a combination of more than 110 players BrightSign HD210 and HD1010 in four locations of store of the airport. Is supplied messages and images of point of sale in the video walls synchronized, located in configurations unique and challenging in each location of the shop. An advanced interaction triggered by IR detectors allows efficient and surprising signs that only executes when a person enters the zone in front of the screen.

A pesar de limitaciones de espacio detrás de las pantallas y dentro de las columnas de vídeo wall, los reproductores de BrightSign han creado una instalación única y compleja técnicamente que muestra el dominio de la innovación tecnológica de la empresa. La sincronización del vídeo wall ofrece una calidad de vídeo Full HD para atraer clientes a la tienda, y además, para captar su atención con las marcas que se venden en la tienda. El resultado es una experiencia de compra inigualable, con impresionantes efectos visuales que llaman la atención de los viajeros cansados, consiguiendo ingresos que anteriormente estaban fuera de su alcance.

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By • 15 Jan, 2013
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