Bolide Technology video surveillance solutions manufacturer has added to its catalogue of products the new camera type bullet BN5035M-HD, a new hybrid bullet camera (IP and analog) indoor or outdoor that provides the best capture of evening events, wineries or spaces with very low lighting.

BN5053M-HDBolide It has brought to market the hybrid bullet camera BN5035M-HD, suitable for indoor or outdoor with IP66 environmental protection projects. This Chamber type bullet is versatile in its installation, thanks to its 3-axis design. With a distance of irradiation their lamps go 25mts, this camera provides the best capture of evening events, wineries or interior spaces with very low lighting.

Currently the image quality is not enough in the detection of incidents with systems of monitoring. By this reason, Bolide Technology Group has expanded its portfolio with a new line of cameras, iPacHD, looking for provide best solutions more beyond of them currently provided by those systems traditional of CCTV. Thanks to high-definition picture that these cameras record, opens the possibility of registering small details that allow to identify faces and with applications that constitute an additional value to technological level to deal with analytical video, recognition among others. These additional features make end users to obtain greater benefits from your investment to have records that enable them to make better decisions and provide a better response to its operational requirements and administrative functions with greater efficiency more than a simple solution of security as such.

Like all the iPac line cameras, iPacHD cameras offer standard compression H.264, function of multistreaming which allows you to configure up to 3 channels in which to give an example, one may be transmitting images in low resolution / real-time while another may be recorded in case any fullHD need some research. In addition, all cameras iPac offer audio of double-track, analog output that facilitates the local configuration, slot for SD card and local recording in the event of loss in the network and support NAS with CIFS or FTP protocol.

Este equipo, al igual que las demás cámaras de iPacHD, es compatible con múltiples aplicaciones de software gracias al cumplimiento de protocolo ONVIF. El protocolo ONVIF ofrece la mejor compatibilidad y es sin dudas un plus cuando se busca integrar con software de analítica y otras aplicaciones. De igual manera, todas las cámaras iPacHD pueden ser visualizadas con Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Nav, Opera y monitoreadas remotamente con dispositivos móviles con sistemas IOS y Android.

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By • 16 Jan, 2013
• Section: Security

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