Scati Labs, company oriented to provide customers comprehensive CCTV Solutions in cross-sectoral environments, has supplied a complete security solution to the corporate headquarters of BBVA Provincial of Venezuela, one of the main financial institutions private which is part of the BBVA group, from where are managed more than 300 offices, 1000 ATMs and three unique facilities spread across the Venezuelan geography.

BBVA ProvincialScatimanufacturer specialist in the design of integral solutions for the control and efficient supervision of great parks of video recorders and singular buildings, has set up a comprehensive CCTV system for the corporate headquarters of BBVA Banco Provincial of Venezuela, located in the financial centre Provincial de Caracas, the fifth tallest skyscraper in the country.

The solution to protect the headquarters of the Group BBVA in Venezuela is made up of more than 20 servers video IP Scati Vision capable of recording more than 700 cameras installed, IP and analog, with storage that allows you to collect images at maximum quality. From the central financial control Center manages multiple CCTV systems of other three unique facilities, 300 bank branches and more than 1,000 ATMs scattered along the Venezuelan geography. On the other hand these video recorders are managed from three management positions Scati Watcher that have redundant hardware, located in the center of control of the building and with support from the CGA (Advanced Management Centre).

The powerful tool of management and monitoring Scati Wall that allows reception of alarms/events and associated them with images and automatic actions is also located in the main control center. As a result, the user is able to manage and display all cameras installed in the building from an only since, setting up scenarios that are best suited to their distribution and critical areas for video surveillance. The control centre consists of two virtual arrays with two positions of operators Scati Wall on four monitors each able to manage up to 64 cameras and display scenarios up to 36 cameras simultaneously to 25/30 IPS (PAL/NTSC) with resolution up to HDTV or 4CIF (in the case of analog cameras).

The project also includes the design and installation of a fiber optic network dedicated, with redundancy between control centres by means of a backbone of 20GLAN and a network infrastructure of last generation that allows you to get the most out of the CCTV system, ensure the availability of video and the future growth.

Hybrid solution

Systems advanced Ibersegur, specialists in the integration of specific security systems for banking and large installations perimeter of the energy sector has carried out the design, and engineering, and the installation of the security systems of the project as well as offer technical training to the operators. Ángel Cano, CEO of Ibersegur, explained: "hybrid provided by Scati video management solution enables a migration step system IP, using existing cameras without oversizing the recording equipment, as it is usual in these cases managing IP cameras and analog simultaneously." On the other hand this solution offers great facilities integration with other building systems such as access control and intrusion detection by enabling security management from a single control center".

Por su parte, Alberto Pérez, VP of Sales de Scati, ha apuntado: “Para Scati resulta fundamental trabajar en el diseño de una solución integral de la mano de cliente final y el integrador de los sistemas para lograr adecuarnos a los requerimientos de nuestro cliente. La actuación de Ibersegur ha sido una pieza fundamental en la instalación de este proyecto ya que ha llevado a cabo tanto la integración de todos los subsistemas de seguridad como su instalación.”

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By • 16 Jan, 2013
• Section: Security

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