The developer of solutions of prevention anti-shoplifting Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) has launched a new monitor of public vision with integrated DVR, the Scout X 400, which has a 9.7 inch display and several new alarms of sabotage that help catch thieves in retail stores.

Scout X 400

Universal Surveillance Systems the new public view monitor has brought to the market Scout X 400 with a built-in DVR. Robust Advanced Unit features a live video of 9.7-inch screen and various innovative tamper alarms that allow the mounting at eye level for recording activity from the point of view of optimal offering a forceful element of visible deterrent for thieves.

The President and Chief Executive OFFICER of USS, Adel Sayegh, said: "with the growing incidence of theft to the retail, in particular organized retail crime, video surveillance that uses PVMs has become an anti-theft mode increasingly important." Like a watchman, the Scout X 400 PVM ensure merchandise, and mounted at eye level in a Hall or at a checkpoint, the clear picture appears on the screen sends a clear message to potential thieves that are being monitored. The positioning at the level of the eye also optimizes your ability to clearly see and record the faces. In addition, your alarm allows know immediately if someone tries to hide the camera, reset the monitor, cut the power cord or open the unit."

El Scout X400 cuenta con un nítido monitor CCTV de visión pública en un resistente recinto de calidad comercial, cámara WDR, múltiples alarmas de sabotaje y capacidades de señalización digital para mostrar mensajes a los clientes para la comercialización y otros fines. El monitor también puede ser utilizado para visualizar mensajes de vídeo o anuncios activados por el detector de movimiento integrado de la unidad.

El Scout X400 es ideal para reducir el robo de productos en las góndolas de las tiendas retail, tapas, cajas registradoras y pasillos donde se exhiben mercancías caras o que son robadas con frecuencia.

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By • 17 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Security

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