At the end of this month, from 29 to 31 January, Vogel's, company expert in mounting systems and stands for sound, image and multimedia equipment, attend the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) fair in Amsterdam to present its product range of Assembly, which consists of a wide variety of supports and trolleys for screens.

Vogels Vogel's will attend to the tenth edition of Integrated Systems Europe ()ISE), that is held of the 29 to the 31 of January in Amsterdam (Hall 1, stand M45), where will give to know their expanded line Connect-it with solutions consistent in stands of soil and carts for screens. The solutions Connect-it of Vogel's for flooring (stands of flooring and trolleys) constitute a system exclusive and flexible. With only a few components standard, is can create a solution to satisfy practically all type of requirements. Whether it's a floor stand for a single screen in a showcase, a configuration of screens in opposite directions on an airport or a mobile Setup for video conferencing usage in the enterprise, the flexible line of solutions for ground Connect-it is suitable for all situations. The solutions for floor Connect-it can to stay screens of sizes from small to King, with a weight of up to 160 kg. The modules Connect-it is found available in black and silver to combine with any decoration of interior.

New castings cart and plates of soil Vogel Connect-it's are made with sturdy materials that display both static and mobile solutions are characterized by a firm support. All the cables are organized and hidden in the system for placement of cables CIS. This exclusive system powered by spring allows you to enjoy of an access simple to those cables. Of this mode, you can add or remove cables even after the installation. The tubes are available in lengths of up to 2 meters. All the solutions for ground Connect-it can be easily installed by one person.

All the accessories Connect-it existing are compatible with the new line of solutions for soil. Innovations include two cabinets with lock (PFA 9112 and PFA 9113). These cabinets can be used to store computers, DVD players, laptops, decoders or other valuable equipment. Now Vogel's also offers covered rear (PFA 9115 and 9116 PFA) games to Connect-it. These elements can be used to cover the back of the screen.

VogelsStands for video wall and screens mobile

Vogel completo Professional will also present in ISE a range of trolleys and floor screens XXL and video wall systems. The PFT 8800 series of Vogel's carts are mobile solutions, which allow the movement from one site to another systems compact walls and very large size LCD and plasma screens video. Vogel's PFF 7800 series floor stands are comfortable and sturdy support to create perfectly matched video wall systems with a maximum of 9 screens up to 55 inches.

The series PFT 8800 of Vogel's is formed by carts that offer a support firm for screens very large. Equipped with wheels of high resistance, is can move with ease from a site to another in a display commercial, a center of conferences, etc. The version universal can withstand screens of 65 to 80 inches and of up to 227 kg. Also there are two versions specifically manufactured to withstand screens Panasonic 85 and 103 inches, which in both cases will allow the screen tilt and rotation to 90 degrees from the horizontal position to the vertical. In the part inferior of the cart there is space of storage for them cables and them teams audiovisual.

8805 PFT and PFT 8810 of Vogel's mobile carts are designed to withstand a compact wall video system. It's a great way to create highly impactful presentations that can travel for trade shows or other events. The model PFT 8805 has capacity for a system video wall of 2 × 2 with screens of 45 to 60 inches. The PFT 8810 model holds a video system wall of 3 × 3 with 46 and 55-inch screens. The bracket assembly allows all settings (of level, height, side and bottom) to get a perfect alignment of screens.

Stands of soil for systems video wall

The firm also exhibit at Amsterdam stands PFF 7800, solution series soil to create video compact and sturdy wall for exhibitions, scenarios and studies systems. Its configuration is simple and they disassembled into their individual components for ease of transport. To ensure perfection in the alignment of a system video Wwall, adjusting screws allow leveling display and adjust in height, bottom, and side. The models available are:

  • PFT 7805 model accommodates up to a 2 × 2 Video Wall system with screens from 46 to 55 inches and up to 272 kg.
  • Soil systems Video Wall PFF 7810 stand accommodates a 3 × 3 Video Wall system with screens of 46 inches and up to 455 kg.
  • It support of soil for systems Video Wall PFF 7815 has capacity for a system Video Wall of 3 × 3 with screens of 55 inches and of up to 590 kg.

VogelsMedia engine for screens

To enjoy a more flexible display in different configurations, Vogel completo Professional has launched two new media engine for display that have capacity for up to 160 kg large plasma and LCD screens These new products make more wide the range of products with engine of Vogel's and constitute a support firm for screens touch and screens of plasma and LCD of great size, what them converts in the solution ideal for schools, companies, offices and rooms of videoconferencing.

The new model PFWE 7150 is can mount in a wall, allowing the displacement (60 cm) of a screen large to different heights according to is necessary for different configurations of the room. For walls less robust, is found available stands of usually optional (PFA 9117).

By its part, the model PFFE 7110 is a robust cart that includes a panel coated of steel to save a computer and other equipment. The New PTFE 7112 Vogel's model is a basic trolley with motor for screen that has an open bracket that can be used with an optional support for computer. Both carts are equipped with a wide base and large wheels, by what are very stable and safe. All versions are compatible with the range of screens Vogel Connect-it interfaces's.

VogelsExclusive range of great flexibility for screens XXL

Vogel's Professional will show also in ISE it new series PFW 6800 of stands of wall with a range of functionality complete for screens XXL of plasma and LCD of up to 103 inches and 227 kg. This new series offers the functions of rotation, inclination and displacement, and even rotation for very large screens. These stands of high resistance is have manufactured for use professional in airports, centers trade, exhibitions and other local public and to use residential.

PFW 6851, PFW 6852 and PFW 6855 of Vogel's models offer greater flexibility in positioning, with functions of tilt-shifting for screens 37 to 82 inches with a weight of between 136 and 227 kg. He model PFW 6852 of Vogel's allows a spin of to 90 degrees, what makes that is very practical for screens large installed in a corner in which is have that orient toward different directions.

The 360 degree turn in order to use digital signage is possible with Vogel's PFW 6854 wall bracket. The wall bracket ultra-thin PFW 6850, of only 38 mm deep, includes pan, tilt and shift functions.

New wall mounts customized for perfect adaptation of Panasonic 103 inch and 85-inch screens are designed. Vogel's PFW 6830/6831 models are designed for enjoying a fine wall bracket, and the PFW 6856/6857 models offer features tilt-shift. Also allow the turn of 90 degrees between the positions horizontal and vertical.

VogelsSystems video wall

Vogel completo Professional will also present two solutions video wall for Professional displays that facilitate the creation of a video system perfect wall and its maintenance as required:

-PFT wall plates 58xx and bands for Vogel's PFW 5905 interfaces are an easy to install solution to create a compact wall video system. It is an ideal solution for systems video wall in studies and Conference centers, places that will remain in place for a longer period. This modular concept offers wall plates for interfaces of different wavelengths, between 800 and 3,300 mm, and bands for interfaces of 500 mm, enabling the creation of virtually any configuration video wall that is required. A function of leveling integrated facilitates greatly the task of leveling the plate of wall for interfaces, enabling the achievement of a result perfect. Features of a position for maintenance integrated that allows access with ease to the cables. Them screens individual it can remove with ease for tasks of maintenance or of replacement.

-For those installers that need assemble and disassemble frequently a system video wall to shows commercial, conferences or areas public of another nature, Vogel's offers now modules ejection for systems video wall (PFW 6870). These modules facilitate enormously the installation and the maintenance of the systems video wall. Is are available spacers custom for the most of them modules ejection, so it takes of measures and those calculations leave of be necessary. Exclusive adjustable bands for mounting screens allow you to save even more time. They would allow the alignment according to axes x, and and z, to ensure all displays accurate leveling and alignment.

To perform maintenance tasks video wall system installers must simply press the screen, so that the spring-loaded mechanism will release and move the screen forward. You can reach all parts without the need to move other screens. The ejection mechanism also has an inclined position for maintenance, which enables further space for installation of other screens and for the development of maintenance when required.

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