A new generation of processors AV of high range of Analog Way is presented as scoop world in the next edition of the fair Integrated Systems Europe, that will take place of the 29 to the 31 of January in Amsterdam. Based in the new platform LiveCore, them two first models of the new range, the Nextage 16 and the Ultra SmartMatriX, have as objective the integration of systems and the markets of rental and put in scene.


Analog Wayspecialist in the design and manufacture of mixers and image converters, will be between 29 and 31 January at Integrated Systems Europe (stand 11-F58), which unveiled a new generation of video processors, formed by the NeXtage16 and SmartMatriX Ultra models. This new generation of processors of high range, based in the technology of new generation LiveCore, have been designed and designed based on a careful analysis of the market following the needs and suggestions of the customers. Offer both features highly innovative, as quality in the manufacturing and the design.

Adrien Corso, Analog Way CEO, explained: "the design of the LiveCore platform was the largest project of research and development ever undertaken by the company so far. The Analog Way experience in AV processing technologies, and the ambition of staying at the forefront in this field. Our new LiveCore-based systems should be of great value for our customers in the coming years. "

By its part, Franck Facon, director of communication and Marketing of the company, has designated: "our customers we have State pressing from makes much time for complete our offer with processors of range high above our well established series Di-VentiX." The team is took its time to place is before assume that challenge. Now we are excited of present LiveCore and its new generation of processors. "We are writing a new page in the history of Analog Way".

NeXtage16 and Ultra SmartMatriX

NeXtage 16 is a powerful Seamless Switcher with processing live, based on the new platform for Analog Way LiveCore, designed with new hardware and a new reinforced chassis to meet the most demanding live events. It has 8 inputs and 2 outputs, with a total of 28 different inputs: 4 x HDMI, 6 2 DisplayPort, DVI-D, 8 3 G - SDI and 8 x universal analog. The NeXtage 16 features of 16 climbers and a processing 100% digital, by what is a way exciting of create impressive presentations. It has 4 separate layers for output, as well as a native of Background layer to make "Soft Edge Blending" or individual mode screens.

With regard to the Ultra SmartMatriX is a level top of matrix with 12 × 4 climbers native, based on the new platform LiveCore of Analog Way, with a design optimized for a greater durability. Offers connections AV versatile for any configuration on 12 modules with capacity of 42 entries: 6 x HDMI, 9 x DVI-D, 3 x DisplayPort, 12 x 3 G-SDI and 12 analog universal.

With two independent outputs, the SmartMatriX Ultra provides a processing of the signal for the most demanding events. Is can link with units sharing both the entries as the output to configure a matrix impressive of 24 × 8.

En ambos sistemas se pueden controlar las capas independientemente, mostrándose imágenes fijas o en vivo, todas sin límite de tamaño o posición. Visionando todas las imágenes en el previo, tanto del fondo como de los PIPs disponibles, así como una salida en modo Mosaico para tener una visión de todas las entradas disponibles.

Con el nuevo e intuitivo interface de control remoto, podemos además de controlar los equipos NeXtage 16 y Ultra SmartMatriX desde el panel frontal, controlarlos remotamente a través de una red local, o desde Internet.

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By • 18 Jan, 2013
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