Stratacache, a provider of technology digital signage high scalable performance, content distribution and acceleration of corporate video, has released Retail Cache, a tool that allows 'caching' of websites designed to give retailers new ways to use tablets in stores without Internet connection problems.

stratacacheThe provider of digital signage technology Stratacache He has developed a new solution 'web caching' designed to make navigation through tablets in stores more practical for retailers. Retail Cache aims to alleviate the difficulties posed by browsing catalogs of products with slow wireless connections in the retail stores.

Retail Cache can be pre-configured with content chosen by retailers, as indicated from Stratacache, so they are able to offer "the most bandwidth-intensive applications" to its customers.

Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache adviser, said that "in today's digital age, customers are using tablets in stores to browse mobile catalogs, order products out of stock and complete sales transactions. However, the advantages of providing Internet access in the store to make and sell web marketing material is lost if the online experience is slow or unreliable. The Retail Cache overcomes this challenge by providing website content at the speed of the wireless network in the store to experience faster web browsing that makes consumers coming back. "

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By • 18 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage

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