The French group Ez3kiel is known for his live concerts, where they create a beautiful poetic universe with graphics and beautiful visuals, made by bassist Yann Nguema, who often used fragments of several photographs combined with music to create a special audiovisual experience.


EZ3kiel, a band of magnet-dub from Tours (France) formed by Yann Nguema (bass, Visual effects), Joan Guillon (samples, effects, keyboard) and Matthieu Fays (percussion) is expressed in different terms of music (electronic, dub, hiphop etc) and makes much experimentation to surprise the audience. The group is distinguished by its eclectic musical style, his love of flashy graphics and its exceptional live performances. For all the shows live EZ3kiel, bassist Yann N' Guéma designed a unique video and light show. During the concert, the band interacts with the video projections, considering them as an important element as the music composing.

High quality projectors, therefore, play a key role for Ez3kiel when carrying your artistic images to life. When the Group decided to make a tour of theatres throughout France with a live orchestra, light and sound experts Alabama media, part of the Dushow Group, proposed an HDX-W18 projector of Boat. The compact but powerful ultra-bright (18,000 lumens) projector ensures sharp, well-defined images which, in combination with the spectacle of lights, create a romantic and poetic atmosphere that adapts perfectly to the orchestral interpretation.

Joel May, technical director for middle alabama, explained: "as old customers of boat, have always been satisfied with the exceptional quality of its solutions and services post-sale. The high contrast and vivid colors the new HDX W18 projector offers, shows the excellent reputation of boat. It is exactly what we need to guarantee a live performance. Above all, we like the wireless control functions and possibilities of the DMX processor. You must not forget the low noise level (50 dB), which is key for plays and opera".

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By • 21 Jan, 2013
• Section: Audio, Projection

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