Manufacturer of solutions for video surveillance, Hikvision, has added to its catalogue of products the new series X 55 super-low lighting network camera featuring Full HD resolution 1080 p 2 megapixel camera, 3D DNR technology and different models of interior and exterior with IR LEDs and an aerodynamic design, which makes them the ideal choice in any environment with shortage of light as stores car parks, halls, stadiums and street control.

Hikvision X55Hikvision It has brought to the market a new series of network cameras from low light - series X 55 - allowing users to obtain a perfect vision of minute details in very dark environments. The series consists of four models: the camera dome indoor DS-2CD755F-E (I) (Z), the dome outdoor DS-2CD7255F-E (I) Z (H), the type case DS-2CD855F-E network camera and camera type bullet DS-2CD8255F-EI (Z). Each offers super-low lighting technology (up to 0,05 Lux/F1.2, AGC is on), and boasts a Full HD output and (3D DNR) noise reduction technology.

Keen Yao, Hikvision International Marketing director, said: "we have created this series of cameras to cover a market niche. Currently, most advanced security cameras normally do not reach their potential in very dark conditions. "With the series 55 X, solve this problem and, to top it off shortly, with a resolution of House of world class".

Super-low lighting capacity is the hallmark of the series 55 X, what cameras are far ahead of their time in technological advancement. With a minimum illumination of 0.05 lux@F1.2, these cameras have a level of sensitivity that allows users to distinguish colors, shapes, sizes and, of course, movements in almost complete darkness. Together with a wide range, the more minute details can be brought to life and captured with extreme clarity.

Hikvision DS-2CD855F-E

Full HD resolution 1080 p

Each of the models of the series captures images of up to 2 megapixel camera and offers video recording Full HD 1080 p in real-time. The DS-2CD8255F-EI (Z) and the DS-2CD7255F-E (I) Z (H) incorporate the rating IP66 weather-proof and function effectively in a wide range of climatic conditions, including a temperature range of - 10° C to 60° C and a humidity of up to 90%.

Chamber type bullet DS-2CD8255F-EI (Z), the dome for indoor DS-2CD755F-E (I) (Z) and the dome for outdoor DS-2CD7255F-E (I) Z (H) offer optional infrared LEDs and provide a scope go up to 30 meters, as well as lenses motorised varifocal which facilitate the installation of the lens. In addition, the DS-2CD7255F-E (I) Z (H) supports built-in fan and heating.

These cameras can be incorporated in a surveillance system network in which alarms are activated automatically in the event of a breach of security. Among the many features of network, network connection errors and alerts by conflict in IP addresses allow users quickly solve potential network issues to ensure maximum uptime of the system. "In the current context, no we cannot afford the luxury of downtime in security. It only takes a minute or two to allow an incident", he added Keen.

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By • 21 Jan, 2013
• Section: Security

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