The company's engineering in solutions LED to measure Led Dream will provide to the new farmhouse of the FC. Barcelona's two LED displays 250 square meters, which will become screens of curtains of larger LEDs installed to date in Europe.

LED display farmhouse

The facades of the new House of the FC. Barcelona, in Sant Joan Despí, will serve as a platform for which the club Catalans and and company MCM Group exploit advertising with large screens with LED technology. The company Led Dream, specialized in projects, sales and rentals of Visual Media and Digital Signage - digital signage-, based on LED technology solutions, will be responsible for the design, manufacture and implementation of the project of installation of these two screens, 250 square meters each one of them, on the walls of the emblematic catalan club soccer school. Josep Querol said, Manager of Led Dream, Diari de Terrassa, "will be Europe's largest LED curtains and also the higher dimensions which, to date, we have manufactured".

MCM Group, a company in charge of the construction of the new House will start now the marketing of the two facades of the building. The launch of advertising campaigns and messages will be possible thanks to LED technology and the possibilities that offer the spaces where they are installed. Brightness which will be screened from these two giant screens will not be any impediment to that from inside Centre can be a perfect view of the outside.

LED display farmhouse

Advertising operation it will conduct MCM Group, which at the start of the project be invited to all those partners that are joined to FC Barcelona to become the first to hire spaces on the new platform. In addition, opens the possibility that other entities may be promoted from the facade of one of the centers of world reference in training of athletes, and the hand of the values that this institution are transmitted, always respecting the current FC Barcelona sponsorship program.

La inauguración de este nuevo proyecto verá la luz en breve con el montaje de la tecnología LED en la segunda piel de las fachadas donde irán instaladas las pantallas. El primer anuncio será, sin duda, una innovación destacable, debido a las características espectaculares que permite esta tecnología y a las dimensiones poco usuales de las dos cortinas de LEDS de 250 metros cuadrados, cuyos mensajes tendrán una resolución que se podrá apreciar con la máxima nitidez, incluso, desde los aviones que despeguen o aterricen en el aeropuerto del Prat, o sobrevuelen la zona.

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By • 22 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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