The company Cyviz, manufacturer of screens display for collaborative environments, has incorporated the F35 projector panorama of the Norwegian firm projectiondesign its solution Cyviz C1, the only installation of standardized collaboration that combines great picture quality and a high aspect ratio with management of multiple sources, Telepresence and data exchange capabilities.


Benefit of telepresence and the supply chain of collaborative work, the F35 projector panorama of ProjectionDesign It has been implemented as part of the solution of basic visual collaboration Cyviz C1 scenario developed by the specialist company in displays Cyviz. This new solution will make its official debut at the stand of projectiondesign (1M 27) in ISE 2013 along with a C1 screen of 7.6 megapixel resolution that used two projectors F35 ultra-high WQXGA resolution for advanced visualization and critical analysis.

The Cyviz C1 Panorama combines the basic display with Telepresence and data exchange capabilities. Provides to the users the flexibility in the display of multiple sources of data, the exchange of data with places remote and the collaboration through the Telepresence. A unique interface of user manages all the operations, including an integration perfect with the codecs of video of Cisco.


Glen J. Lambersøy, commercial director of Cyviz, commented: "the F35 projector panorama adds significant value to our portfolio of products." We are using the F35 panorama to the needs of our customers of functionality on top of its current portfolio of advanced videoconferencing. By eliminating the need of using two projectors SXGA + to create a data exchange workflow, Cyviz C1 Panorama reduces the overall cost of the system and has critical installation and maintenance benefits and is significantly better than the solutions LCD or flat-panel".

F35 projector picture is the first widescreen projector in the world, and produces a desktop display 35% larger than Full HD at the same height of screen. Anders Løkke, director of Marketing of projectiondesign, has explained: "the F35 projector picture is ideal for watching widescreen using only a projector with its image Picture-by-Picture capabilities in screen format 21: 9." In addition, the F35 panorama eliminates the need for mixing images, as well as for adjusting color and realignment of the projector, saving valuable time and maintenance costs. Other features include resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels and working 24/7 guaranteed."

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By • 23 Jan, 2013
• Section: Projection, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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