A survey commissioned by Epson reveals an increase in the use of electronic POS material to Spanish outlets seek to expand market, with the forecast of investing more in segmented advertising campaigns to outperform your competition, expand market share and promote sale.


According to a survey commissioned by Epson independent consultant Coleman Parkes, the increased competition between the points of sale changes significantly the appearance of advertising in the place of sale (POS) in Spain during the next few years. Points of sale will be to refine the use of printed and electronic POS materials by age, sex and type of products that are purchased.

In the survey, called "Epson 20 | 20 Vision", is interviewed to 500 responsible of brand and marketing of companies retailers of them five major economies European-Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom e Italy-for know how much uses this sector the material POS both printed as electronic today, and how believes that will change of here until 2020 in relation to their objectives business.

Traditionally, advertising in the retail sector has been doing on printed media, but the amount of electronic advertising has grown in recent years as retailers were experimenting with new media. While the electronic media are dynamic, easy-to-update, print advertising provides striking images and is more affordable and easier to produce.

The study reveals that the advertising in the sector retail European, and especially in the Spanish, will experience a change deep, since them companies is found in a market each time more competitive. It need of change the orientation of the business to expand is to segments massive or specialized, as well as of attract to new groups socio-economic or of age, are the main challenges to which is face currently them points of sale Spanish.

Them points of sale have learned to distinguish what medium advertising them is more appropriate and what is more suitable for each place, and in the future improved its application to maximize them sales. According to the survey commissioned by Epson, in 2020 retailers will be more frequent campaigns although shorter and much more targeted, that combine both printed and electronic media to attract individual customers according to age, sex, and value of the product, increasing by 15% with respect to the printed electronic advertising to attract certain client profiles.

Increase of use of the material POS electronic

The survey says that them advances in it technology and them technical of POS, the increase of the competition and them strategies of growth through the diversification in markets specialized, massive or regional will give as result campaigns of POS printed and electronic more frequent and short. Unlike the rest of Europe, where currently it is more accepted the print to the electronic support at the point of sale, slight preference for dynamic electronic advertising of Spain reflects the capacity that the country adopt new media quickly.

Even though expected that budgets for POS will increase in the future point of sale want to gain in efficiency and control, reduce costs, better assess the results of the campaigns, and increased performance of the investment.

As a result of the increased pressure by part of the competition and the reduction of the service life of products, point of sale provide that campaigns spend a current average duration of 9.5 days 6.8 days in 2020, which is the shortest of all the countries surveyed period. As a result, nine of every ten Spanish retailers say that you will keep the volume of POS material by campaign (58%) or even grow (38%).

Epson_POS_InfographicCriteria of decision

The choice to use printed or electronic exhibitors for promotions in Spain depends largely on the value of the product, the age and sex of the consumer. The survey charged by Epson puts of relief that, in Spain, the 85% of them points of sale plans to adapt and expand its approach of market to boost the growth. Despite them difficulties economic current, the most (74%) of them points of sale Spanish believes that its budget for advertising in the place of sale (POS) will increase from here to 2020.

When planning campaigns only for men or women, 2020 Spanish retail outlets will prefer the electronic media to the printed advertising aimed at men. On the other hand, campaigns aimed at women, you will master a combination of print and electronic media in 2020, demonstrating that these are the main objective of the points of sale for all types and brands of products.

In the next years, the surfaces commercial Spanish also will change the type of material POS that used to attract to different groups of age. Today, usually prefer the print advertising at the point of sale for the majority of adult age groups. In 2020, points of sale will continue to favor the print campaigns aimed at children and over forty years, but without doubt preferred by the electronic media in the age ranging from 18 to 40 years.

Ultimately, age, sex, and the list of the consumer purchase directly influence the Spanish point of sale promotions planning.

Greater investment in segmented campaigns

Epson survey reveals that, in the coming years, the priorities of many Spanish outlets will be generate more flexible POS campaigns and to go beyond the demographic approach to business, reduce losses of POS and improve flexibility and the way to contact the recipients of the campaigns. Poorly designed labels and material that does not occur or on-time delivery are the main reasons that a POS campaign objectives are not met. This is why, although nowadays many outlets themselves are responsible for producing the POS material, 79% will prefer to outsource this production suppliers in 2020. The retailers will come to agencies to order them campaigns very flexible, in stands both printed as electronic, that use them technologies more leading and profitable.

Magí Besolí, Product Manager for Epson Ibérica, highlighted that "the survey 20 Epson | 20 Vision shows that Spanish retail outlets are adapting their strategy due to increased competition and economic uncertainties." Although it is expected that budgets for POS increase, managers will require a higher investment and greater efficiency, performance implying choose and produce the promotional support with care. The PLV both printed and electronic will play an important role in the objectives of the brands develop their relations with customers and drive sales".

For his part, Duncan Ferguson, director of Prographics, Epson Europe, pointed out: "we have commissioned this survey to investigate thoroughly the trends, strategies and the technical requirements of the POS in the European retail sector. The survey shows that them points of sale looking for printers and equipment of display flexible and profitable that provide the quality extraordinary that need to compete in the future. The results are consistent with the strategy of Epson develop teams of professional image for such a demanding market as the one of the posters; and the first products are already giving big fruits."

Epson 20 poll | 20 Vision: overview of the main European trends

1. format of the POS in store by the value of the product by 2020:

Luxury: printed 62% / 37% electronic basic: 29% printed / electronic 61%

2. advertising media in sex store in 2020:

Women: 51% printed / 43% e men: 62% printed / 34% electronic

3. POS material:

Today: 54% printed / 36% e 2020: 42 printed % / 58% electronic

4. media campaigns now and 2020 duration:





9.5 days

6.8 days


9.1 days

7.6 days


10 days

7.8 days


8.7 days

7.9 days

United Kingdom

8.9 days

8.5 days

see study

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