CITEC-B, entity that develops creative and innovative solutions using the latest technology, to training and training of clinical professionals, has signed a collaboration agreement with Broadcast Multimedia, company expert in integrated audiovisual systems, that are committed to developing a joint model and establish a technological and strategic alliance.

citec-b broadcast multimedia

From left to right, Alfonso Lozano (director of Marketing and sales of Broadcast media), Ignacio de Gorgolas (commercial director of CITEC-B) and Eugenio Rodríguez (technical director of Broadcast media)

CITEC-B (Image and technology of the biomedical knowledge centre) and the Distributor Broadcast Multimedia they have reached a collaboration agreement in virtue of which both entities meet professional video experience and knowledge and experience in new technologies of CITEC-B. The collaboration will take place in the design and implementation of initiatives and projects that will make use of the knowledge and use of the most innovative tools in technology.

Broadcast media makes products capable of providing effective solutions, with the highest possible quality, to the needs of professionals in the audiovisual creation with which it collaborates. Eugenio Rodríguez, technical director of Broadcast-Multimedia, this agreement means "open new avenues for action in areas which never had worked before becoming a new and exciting project for us".

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By • 24 Jan, 2013
• Section: Production

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