The Kraken rum has used the figure of the terrifying monster that gives its name to develop two billboards installed in the city of Chicago in which the image of the rum bottle next to a giant squid 3D is bringing a person his apartment.

krakenRum brand Kraken has launched in the city of Chicago an outdoor campaign that uses the figure of the creature, commonly described as a type of octopus or giant squid, emerging from the depths, attacking ships and devoured sailors and which gives its name to this spicy drink black color.

Thus, in the campaign designed by the agency Dead as We Know It, Two 3d posters show the tentacles of a kraken that is bringing a person (a man and a woman) of her apartment. The posters are designed specifically for buildings where billboards, windows and duplicated to create the 3D effect bricks are placed while a dummy plays the role of victim.

Mikal Reich, creative director of the agency Dead As We Know It, said that Kraken is dark and funny, and his followers, so that advertising must also be, as recorded by the magazine InformaBTL.

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By • 28 Jan, 2013
• Section: Dynamic advertising

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