The German firm Pyramid Computer is exhibiting at ISE 2013 the latest additions to its line of kiosk POS multi-touch, including their two latest models of kiosks selling point multi-touch, ITEM 22000 of 22″ and POS 32000 of 32″, incorporating quick Quick Mounting System (QMS) system.


Pyramid Computermanufacturer specializing in custom computer systems is exhibiting at ISE 2013 its broad portfolio of multi-touch point of sale (POS) kiosks. The signing shows first POS systems of 22 inches and 32 inches, featuring a patented fast mounting system (QMS) for the simple addition of poli-tactiles extension modules on both sides of the screen. The QMS system settings can be easily changed or improved to extend the functionality, allowing retailers to keep abreast with the latest standards and processes. Available extension modules include a thermal POS printer, scanner barcode, receiver of near field RFID HF, camera and payment device and magnetic card reader chip & PIN.

The new models polytouch 22000 POS and POS 32000 complement popular terminals polytouch Classic 22″ and Pyramid 32″. These all-in-one systems represent innovative kiosk solutions that connect to the network to facilitate multi-channel, such as cross-selling strategies, product for the promotion and integration of social networking applications. ECommerce kiosks offer a sleek design, are easy to use, efficient and very interactive.

Capacitive touch technology

All them devices polytouch incorporate technology touch capacitive of Vanguard, that supports touch simultaneous-until 10 the polytouch 32 and the POS 32000 and up to 20 the polytouch 22 and the POS 22000-in a time of response ultra-fast of 10 milliseconds, while rejects them palms, what allows to them developers create an experience of user natural, intuitive and sensitive.

With Intel Core i7-3770S series running at speeds of up to 3.9GHz in Turbo mode graphics Intel HD4000 in chips, 4 GB DDR - 3 PC1600 memory and a 120 GB solid state drive, the terminals polytouch POS 22000 offer resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080). The model 32000 of 32 inches has a processor Intel Core i7-2600S with graphics Intel HD2000 in the chip, memory of 4 GB of DDR-3 PC1333 and a unit of State solid of 120 GB. The graphics AMD Fire Pro are available optionally for the 32000.

Both terminals offer 1 GB/s LAN connectivity with wireless LAN and Bluetooth 300 Mb/s optional interfaces. Intel Active Management technology is integrated into the hardware, which allows remote management, even when the terminal is turned off. Available operating systems include Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), and Linux Ubuntu.

Pyramid Computer está acompañado en ISE 2013 por sus principales socios europeos de desarrollo de software, LieberLieber Software y Provisio. El primero va a utilizar los dispositivos Polytouch para ilustrar una aplicación comercial, una cabina de fotos interactiva y una aplicación de búsqueda de tiendas GIS, mientras que Provisio mostrará su gama de software para kioscos públicos de seguridad, monitoreo remoto y señalización digital.

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By • 29 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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