Ship launched in the tenth edition of ISE OBLX-4610 independent structures and OBLX-5510, an innovative video support wall capable of sustaining 46″ and 55″ screen respectively in a configuration of 2 × 2 mode landscape or portrait mode of 3 × 1.

Barco ise

Boat It has taken advantage of the ISE exhibition to publicize their new innovative structures for video walls, LCD. The new OBLX series are independent structures, which means that you don't need a wall mount to achieve stability, which distinguishes them from traditional structures. The range of video walls LCD by boat consists of high quality displays that offer all the advantages of LCD for control rooms and other video wall applications. The benefits of video walls LCD include a narrow profile, ease of Assembly and disassembly, and a more affordable price.

Now, to extend the applicability of the video LCD walls by tiles, Barco has presented OBLX-4610 and OBLX-5510, independent structures that incorporate LCDs of 46 "and 55″, respectively, in a configuration of 2 × 2 landscape landscape or portrait in 3 × 1." Because of that these structures can be easily placed side by side, there is no limit to the horizontal extension.

OBLX massivePlacement of the controller

The support of the structures of the OBLX series not only looks great, but it is also designed to accommodate a 19″ rackmount controller. This means that the driver is on the video wall, and is therefore accessible directly. Another option is the installation of a ClickShare Base Unit (for meetings and collaborations of boat system) or a DISplayer (boat digital signage player dzine) in the interior of the structure. Eliminating the need for a frame separated from this way saves space and reduces the number of necessary cables. In addition, support can also host a LAN switch, a power button / shutdown (controlling all screens), and a multi-zocalo. For convenience, these components are accessible from the front and the rear.

The structures of the OBLX series also make it possible to configure a video wall in any space, not only attached to a building. This further expands the applicability of the video walls and can be placed, for example, in windows, art exhibitions, and focal points of temporary crisis.

An accumulation of know-how

Peter Baumgaertner, Product Manager of LCD Displays of boat, stressed: "we are very proud to show the series OBLX. As experts in video LCD walls by tiles, have knowledge of first-hand how to install our products. This know-how has been applied to the design of our new structures, that address some of the major challenges facing the traditional structures of video wall LCD. The design intended to protect delicate narrow bezel LCD edges, the cover plates removable to accommodate the wiring inside and rapid configuration and flexible are just some of the features that make the life of installers and operators of video wall LCD easier. "All this combined with other outstanding aspects of the OBLX series, and you'll know why this new structure stands out clearly from the competition".

New features of the ClickShare filing system

Boat also has unveiled in ISE 2013 three new features for your ClickShare meeting presentation system. Launched in September 2012, ClickShare will soon offer dual monitor feature, will be compatible with iPad and integrated audio. New features to perfectly meet the ClickShare concept: Add to the user-friendliness of the system and help to increase the productivity of the meeting rooms.

Due to the new functionality of ClickShare dual screen, when two screens are connected to the unit Base ClickShare, this automatically activates the "dual-display mode" and displays the content in both screens. This is especially useful for companies with a videoconferencing system: videoconference mode is not used, may now submit information (PowerPoint, spreadsheets Excel, etc.) on two screens. In addition to this dual screen function, two other features will be available soon: ClickShare total compatibility with an iPad - via Apple TV or HDMI to DVI video and audio cable.

Yoav Nir, boat Business Development Collaboration Manager, has stated: "the current success of ClickShare worldwide confirms that we have taken the right decisions. I am very happy that we have been able to keep our promise to integrate audio and provide compatibility iPad in early 2013 and even supplement these features with dual screen functionality. The talks I've had with users, I know that they will welcome these new features. And, of course, will continue to develop new features to further enhance the productivity of meetings."

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By • 30 Jan, 2013
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