He manufacturer of systems of control of audio, video and home automation of high range, Crestron, is present in the tenth edition of the fair Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) to show their solutions integrated of management of buildings smart.

Crestron in ISE 2013

Crestron in ISE 2013Crestron has announced in the tenth edition of the fair ISE their solutions Integrated by Design, that allow the monitoring global, the management and control of different elements of the building as the audiovisual, energy, voice and data, lighting, security, schedules or air conditioning from a unique platform (for maximize the saving and cost energy e increase the productivity). Solutions displayed by the firm in Amsterdam include Crestron 3 - Series Control Systems, Fusion, Crestron DigitalMedia, Crestron Shading Solutions and Core 3 UI.

The system of Control Crestron 3-Series, with support BACnet / IP, form the "core" of all building modern, integrating and managing all the technologies disparate along it ease for influence in them savings of productivity, efficiency and cost. Support BACnet/IP allows a seamless integration with existing systems in the management of the building. All systems are handled independently and communicate with each other on the same platform, creating a real intelligent building.

Crestron Fusion HV

Building smart

For his part, Fusion is a global platform of business management that revolutionizes the way in which organizations control their building technology. This modular platform provides a foundation for smarter buildings that save energy and improve productivity at work. Customers can choose between deploying Fusion RV (RoomView), Fusion EM (Energy Management), or both based on the needs of the organization.

On the one hand, Fusion RV enables organizations monitor and centrally manage the schedules of meeting rooms as well as the audiovisual resources for presentations and video lectures from a help desk. By another, the platform Fusion EM controls and manages all the sources of energy in time real, captures, analyzes and modifies the use historical of data, and allows to them users an easy access to control and automate commands that influence in the saving energy, all within the same interface.

Display interactive Crestron in ISE 2013

While, Crestron DigitalMedia makes easy and affordable upgrade all the systems audiovisual analogue to digital and provide them connection. It includes everything you need to connect, exhibit, distribute, and manage all analog and digital signals of audio and video. DigitalMedia is easy of integration with the management of the network. DM is is of a switch Ethernet with management integrated and operates in the mode of network private (Private Network Mode), i.e., the system DM full uses so only an address IP in the network. It also supports SNMP data, so that ICT managers can monitor the audiovisual system from your board with ICT.

Crestron Commercial Lighting ControlEqually, the solutions Crestron Shading allow the control of the lighting, the system audiovisual, it air conditioning and it security from a manager of the home full, integrated and intuitive. With a new and low voltage Quiet Motor Technology (QMT), the Crestron Shades are silent, fly gently e integrated of form continuous with Crestron AV and products of control as screens touch, keyboards, controls of control remote and devices smart of Apple or Android.

In addition, Crestron is showing its new Core 3 UI, belonging to the family of touchscreens with power over Ethernet (PoE). Available in 5, 7, and 10-inch models, the ultra fine collection TSW provides the same high throughput control home to larger touch screens, as well as a consistent and elegant design. With graphics of ultra brilliant, high-resolution capacitive touch screen, glass in one piece, streaming H.264 video technology all models need only to install an Ethernet cable, which meets the requirements of most demanding integrators clients, interior designers and owners of the housing with technical skills. With technology Rava SIP Intercom integrated, provides of an advantage added to the complete intercom or the Telephony VoIP.

Crestron in ISE 2013

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By • 30 Jan, 2013
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