The Canadian manufacturer Haivison is present in the tenth edition of the ISE show in Amsterdam, offering IPTV easier and lower cost of the market, fully integrated digital signage and solutions of IP video, encoder of high density with the lowest latency and the highest quality and its new low-cost digital signage player.

Haivision ISE

Haivision He has led several important innovations to ISE 2013. Among the solutions from end to end of the company is the new high performance H.264 encoder Makito X 2 HD. The company has also introduced a unique and low-cost approach to IPTV, by attaching its Torpedo DVB to IP gateways with the set-top boxes (STB) Amino. Equally remarkable for CoolSign, a system of digital signage which integrates with IP video live, is its new interface, which allows administrators to manage segments and regions of content along with a new low-cost digital signage player. In addition, Haivision is highlighting the technology of delivery of media via the Internet and a new media player free run, along with new streaming and recording devices.


Torpedo and Amino - Haivision has launched a free video player application, InStream Amino, Amino STS. Without the need of return to encode video or provisioning a server of administration, InStream Amino presents to them spectators channels and its information of guide related directly of them sources DVB-as is delivered through Torpedo DVB for doors of link IP. Torpedo supports DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and flows up to 15 channels of live, supplying digital broadcasts directly to IP networks. InStream Amino can also add DVB sources from multiple gateways Torpedo.

Digital Signage simple, integrated and low-cost

The platform of digital signage scalable CoolSign of Haivision gathers content multimedia in live and video in high definition. Along with the IP, Haivision Furnace video distribution system, the solution provides a complete infrastructure from end to end for the provision of secure video for each desktop, mobile device and digital display. The Furnace integrates video live, recorded playback channels, digital signage and VOD channels. CoolSign now extends the control of content within a company to the administrators of screens local with its new interface, allowing to them administrators casual handle segments and regions of content with ease.

Coding extreme

Makito HD H.264 encoding platform X 2 with dual-channel HD encoding Haivision has made its debut at the fair ISE 2013. Makito H.264 encoder 2 X offers quality double or half of the bandwidth of the code talkers of the competition. He Makito X 2 continues with the tradition of them Makito with only 55 milliseconds of latency of coding, a broad set of features, and the capacity of offer multiple rates of bits (MBR) of each source to the same time. Makito X 2 is available as a standalone device or on a mounting box rack, supporting up to 12 channels of HD encoding in 1RU.

Además, en ISE Haivision está mostrando un nuevo dispositivo reproductor Android de bajo coste para CoolSign; Viper, un dispositivo de adquisición de contenidos para multiples streams. Perfecto para formación y aprendizaje a distancia; y el codificador / transcodificador KulaByte, que sirve y adapta los streams para cualquier tipo de dispositivo móvil, tableta o ordenador.

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By • 31 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Distribution signals

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