Epson has presented its new projector PowerLite 935W, a model 3LCD of 3 chips designed for large classrooms and environments with lights shining, that offers 3,700 lumens of color and output of light white, a resolution native of 1280 by 800 (WXGA), a ratio of projection of 1.38 to 2.24, and a zoom optical of 1.6.

Epson It has brought to the market 935W PowerLite projector, designed for large classrooms and rooms with high brightness. The PowerLite 935W delivers ultra-bright images with 3,700 lumens of brightness of color and 3,700 lumens of brightness of white, full connectivity and network capabilities. The projector also offers WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) to allow teachers to fully utilize laptops or tablets of wide-screen and widescreen DVD content.

Sara Kim, Manager of Product Marketing of education of Epson America, said: "many classrooms have an ambient light, which creates difficult environments for projecting bright images. With 3,700 lumens of color and white light output, the PowerLite 935W is suitable for almost any lighting condition, offering bright, larger images than real life, in the classroom".

The PowerLite 935W boasts a 16-Watt speaker and microphone to help involve all kind without costly external speakers or reinforcement of teacher's voice. In addition, the projector offers full connectivity - HDMI for audio and video of high quality with a cable and RJ-45 for the presentation of content through the network, conveying important messages and monitoring and controlling a network projector remotely.

Main features

The PowerLite 935W offers several features innovative for the classroom, that include:
• Flexibility of configuration / positioning: the zoom optical of 1, 6 by allows a range more wide in the placement of the projector and produces images over large from distances of shot short; automatic correction of vertical Keystone distortion and horizontal 30 degree manual that offers easy and convenient operation in multiple classroom settings; and Quick Corner that moves any of the four corners of an image independently, to perfectly fit a rectangular image.
• Advanced network connection: teachers can transmit video and audio presentations remotely via the network with the included EasyMP Network Projection software; projectors can be used as a broadcast system to display ads, flyers for events, updates and instructions; and wireless functionality is available via an optional wireless module.
• IProjection: Taking advantage of the Epson IProjection Epson application, teachers can present wirelessly from most of iOS Apple devices iOS IOS 4.2 or later and most devices Android with Android 2.3 or later
• Audio output on hold: A new feature allows teachers to save power by transmission of audio to external speakers connected, even when the projector is in standby mode
• Easy maintenance: easy access to the lamp and the air filter for fast and comfortable replacements
• USB Plug and play: the projector projects images, transmits audio and control presentations instantly from a Windows PC or Mac via a standard USB cable, a USB type A port offers presentations of images without PC and direct connection to the Epson DC - 06 document camera.
• Comfortable control: ignition and direct shutdown allows you to turn on and off a projector with a simple touch of a wall switch; the off instant allows to them teachers avoid delays to the start and finish them presentations and be in operation in matter of seconds; and the Slide AV Mute stops sound and image to allow a quick pause in the presentation.
• Remote virtual: allows teachers to use a virtual remote control projector on your computer through a web browser when you connect to a network, which eliminates the need for a physical remote; It carries out basic functions like food, searching for sources, the volume, the muted AV, subtitling and the rise or fall in page.
• Teaching aids: patterns of line or predesigned graphics or images customizable templates help in education, saving valuable classroom time by eliminating the need that the teachers draw lines and grids on a whiteboard or chalkboard
• Extended lamp life: with lamp technology Epson E-TORL, PowerLite 935W lamp life can last up to 4000 hours in eco-mode, which helps to maximize the time of presentation.
• Technology 3LCD: the projector includes the latest technology 3LCD of 3 chips to offer color and details similar to it life real for presentations of great scope; the technology 3LCD provides a motor of light of low consumption efficient that uses the light of the lamp available for create images impressive; and in contrast to the 1-chip DLP technology, the 3LCD requires, on average, 25 per cent less electricity per lumen brightness.

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By • 1 Feb, 2013
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