Pelco by Schneider Electric and sponsored Software have collaborated to develop a unique tool to make the design and management of 3D video surveillance systems. Pelco 3D significantly reduces the times, optimizes the design of new installations of video surveillance costs and can adapt to the specific needs of each client with its customization ability.

Schneider Electric It has brought to the market Pelco 3D, the first software which allows you to design complete video surveillance systems in three dimensions. The tool, which can download is free of charge in the web of Pelco by Schneider Electric, reduces significantly the costs of them new facilities to the facilitate the choice of the combination more appropriate of camcorders. Pelco 3D design, the company has counted with the collaboration of the sponsored Software, company dedicated to the development of advanced-generation software to innovate public and private safety standards, and that has worked, among others, Google, Adobe, and the Canadian Space Agency.

Esteban García Montoro, Schneider Electric Product Manager of security, stressed: "we are proud to be the first to have this tool and to offer it to our customers, completely free. With Pelco 3D we put at your disposal a powerful tool that will allow them to design their facilities of video surveillance in a way much more quickly and efficiently, since thanks to this new software, we can know where to place the cameras and what areas will be as dead angles. Thus, we can determine if need change it selection current of cameras or if, by the contrary, the selection is correct "."

It software, that is compatible with all them Cameras Pelco, matter a map in 2D of the installation to generate a prototype in 3D in which designers and integrators can try them different options of cameras, lenses and sites. With them functions of calculator of pixels by objects and of preview, is achieves a coverage custom and is optimizes the cost of the installation to the power select the combination appropriate for each customer.

Among the salient features of 3D Pelco by Schneider Electric are viewing angles, with immediate 3D images that examine the proper functioning of the design requirements; and the bill of material that the commercial can print after choosing the types of camera and lenses, and includes data availability in Pelco. In addition, to control the system, the tool creates a simple and comprehensive report that includes data on lenses and cameras: its location within the 3D map, your height, your field of view and the three views with working (chopped , bird's eye view camera view).

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By • 4 Feb, 2013
• Section: Security

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