Zeta Audiovisual install a new PIT (tourist information point) in Donosti Airport transflective technology with LG.

Zeta Audiovisual It has installed a spectacular new tourist information point with 7 monitors at the airport Donosti, demonstrating once again its experience in the integration of audiovisual equipment.

Early last year, the company Navarre was responsible for installing the first information point at the airport Bilbao, composed of 7 monitors Panasonic 85 "among others.

This time, it is an informative totem, located off of passengers, comprising 7 transflective open-frame monitors LG: Seven monitors are placed circularly around the top of the totem pole (at a height of about 2m), so that information is visible from anywhere in the airport and to several people at once.

The monitor model chosen by the team of Zeta Audiovisual was 47VX30 LG: the totem is located in an area of ​​the airport with plenty of light, so monitors to maintain their performance and image quality, regardless of the outside light is needed . This was one of the reasons why we chose 47VX30 transflective models such as LG.

Another of the main reasons why this LG model chosen was for its connectivity: updating both content and maintenance of the monitors can be performed remotely by LAN control.

For example, the Tourist Office can update remotely and on a daily basis almost all content: you can update information on cultural events, food, promotions and conferences almost instantly without need for a technician. In addition you can also remotely schedule access to websites, multimedia content, or also broadcast live streaming events.


Finally, Zeta Audiovisual requested that the monitors were open-frame type, that could be incorporated without difficulty on the totem pole. Thus, a totem with finishes of first quality, a result of Zeta Audiovisual commitment to offer high-tech solutions and superior designs was achieved.

The 47VX30 LG model is a monitor specially designed for locations with bright, transflective technology incorporates a high brightness and a brightness of 700cd provides / m². Its frame is only 11mm and has an advanced cooling system, as well as a capacity reduction in consumption of up to 40%.

Secretary of Tourism of the Basque Country, promoter of this project in Donosti and last in Bilbao, was very satisfied with the results achieved, as well as the high visibility and effectiveness of this new tourist information point.

This spectacular installation was achieved through the integration expertise Zeta Audiovisual audiovisual equipment, with the support of EARPRO.

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By • 5 Feb, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage

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