The developer of technologies of teaching interactive Mimio has added a projector interactive to your suite MimioClassroom, the MimioProjector, that allows to the teachers show lessons multimedia graphic in any surface flat.

Mimio has announced the last incorporation to its family of products MimioClassroom, the projector interactive MimioProjector, a device that responds to the needs of display interactive of all the classrooms. The MimioProjector is a solution affordable and easy of use that includes a function of technology of tracking, an amplifier stereo, speakers and the software MimioStudio.

The teachers can create fast and easily lessons multimedia and then show them lessons, graphics and images in a Board of deleted in dry or any another surface flat. The images projected by the software MimioStudio can be manipulated by the students using a pen or a pencil interactive. A double pencil option allows two students interact with the same image at the same time, increasing the capacity of teachers to incorporate collaborative learning and teaching in small groups in their classrooms.

The schools with limitations budget can begin with the version basic of the MimioProjector, that not includes features interactive, and then go by adding functions interactive through improvements in the own classroom.

Compatible with 3D

The MimioProjector supports all common video formats, including VGA, HDMI, s-video and composite video and offers a native resolution of 1280 × 800 (WXGA). Offers capabilities of graphics 3D with support for technologies DLP Link 3D and HDMI 1.4A 3D. Its high image resolution produces images and color as the real life for improved visualization of tables, graphs, illustrations, and simulations. Audio playback system offers stereo sound from two speakers of 8 Watts that enhances the listening experience for users.

MimioProjector interactive projector integrates perfectly with other products MimioClassroom - including MimioVote evaluation, documents MimioView camera, and the tablet pen wireless MimioPad - through the intuitive MimioStudio software, eliminating the need for training of additional software when educators expand its interactive classroom technology. The projector also be integrates with content Mimio as programs of reading and other collaborations of content.

Manny Perez, CEO of Mimio, said: "This is the third delivery system interactive classroom that we have developed in our mission to provide educators with a line of increasingly broad and technologically sophisticated products, while still providing our software, flexible and easy to use content. The MimioProjector offers the best interactive projection technology and its integration with the rest of our MimioClassroom devices and the inclusion of MimioStudio, is the best solution for classrooms interactive projector. "

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By • 5 Feb, 2013
• Section: Training, Projection

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