The new interactive Wacom monitor combines the pencil with the multi-touch input, favoring the interaction of the user with the device and ensuring efficiency in the communication with the audience.

Wacom It has just presented the new DTH-2242, an interactive monitor 55 cm that allows professionals to improve communication with the public, particularly in the sectors of education and training, and the health.

The DTH-2242 helps both teachers and practitioners carrying out corporate presentations, allowing them to face their listeners, thus creating a much closer experience with them. To keep the attention of the public at all times, with new interactive Wacom monitor presenters can also add handwritten notes, annotations and drawings on the slides. In addition, they may use standard and custom, touch gestures to make navigation faster and more natural.

Moreover, doctors, ophthalmologists and dentists in hospitals and medical centers that tend to write or make annotations and sketches in electronic records may to communicate more effectively with their patients. To talk to them, you can quickly add notes and create drawings so that their explanations are more impressive and easy to understand. At the same time, you can scroll through medical records and enhance images with ease, using touch gestures.

Pen and multi-touch

The DTH-2242 features make it an ideal tool for the education and health sectors. The combination of the excellent performance of the Wacom pen and the multi touch option offers unrivalled in the working process and visual communication advantages. With the stylus, add annotations and drawing is simple and intuitive. The large LCD IPS 21.5 "display with HD resolution provides enough space for health practitioners and presenters performing their jobs. The multi-touch feature of the DTH-2242 device enables intuitive navigation and standard and custom gestures to improve the work process. Five customizable ExpressKeys provide easy access to the direct and most used functions.

The DTH-2242 offers excellent reliability, thus being one valuable tool both for educational environments such as health. The Wacom pen works without battery, and therefore has a long service life and minimum maintenance. To prevent its loss, the pencil can bind to the entire device and stored in specific compartment. The product also has a safety lock to prevent their theft. DTH-2242 device LCD screen is anti-glare, highly resistant. The integrated support can be adjusted to provide angles of inclination between 15 and 72 degrees. Alternatively, the VESA mount allows the use of a tripod or third-party media.

In addition to the advantages of the device, the DTH-2242 can be easily integrated into other systems and become an integral part of any process of computerised work. Due to its long duration and reliability, their total cost of ownership is low and requires very little maintenance.

Technical characteristics of the DTH-2242
• IPS of 21.5 "(55cm) LCD display
• Resolution 1920 × 1080 Full HD
• Angle of view 178 ° / 178 °
• Multi-touch input
• 5 customizable ExpressKeys
• On-screen control button to activate the Wacom control panel
• 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
• Resolution 2540 lpi tablet,
• Pen Wacom with 2 side pockets
• 2 free USB ports
• Video DVI-I input
• Meets the HDCP standard
• Security slot
• 100mm VESA mount
• Adjustable from 15 to 72 degrees of inclination

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By • 6 Feb, 2013
• Section: Display, Training, Bless you

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