The London based Creative Studio Flat-e achieved by the videomapping, dispense with effects in post-production and leave in the hands of the artist control of all imaging.

Videoclip de Jamie Lidell (Foto: Sandra Ciampone / Flat-e)

For his new music video You Nakedsinger Jamie Lidell has resorted to the London based Creative Studio Flat-e.
The use of interactive imaging has made it possible to achieve a spectacular result with no effect in post-production showing impressive light effects in real time.

Visual effects in real time on are coded using openFrameworks, using OpenGL and GLSL, the same graphics libraries used to encode most digital games today

In the video, Lidell acts in a dark environment within a large cube on which are projected geometries that own singer handled at will thanks to the foot of the microphone that reacts to movement. When Jamie inclines to the left microphone, horizon line tilts to the left and when pushing it towards the camera, seems as if it moved into the space.

In charge of the production of the music video of Warp Record been Kat Anderson, taking charge of the programming and Matt Barnes technical set.

This interactive scenario will be used in the upcoming concerts of Lidell adapting to each campus creating an optical effect only in the Viewer.

Videoclip de Jamie Lidell (Foto: Sandra Ciampone / Flat-e)

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By • 8 Feb, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting, Projection

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