With three models, this series features Mega Super Dynamic technology that offers a wider dynamic range (128 x).

Casmar already begun to market the new 360-degree cameras of Panasonic that you integrate the Mega Super Dynamic technology with a wider dynamic range (128 x). Them 3 models of this series, the WV-SF438, the WV-SW458 and the 458 M have, also, with the warranty offered in all the range Panasonic, that covers 3 years on any defect of manufacture.

This series offers monitoring of 360 degrees and a variety of modes of transmission as the Wall Panorama, Double Panorama or Quad PTZ. It also has specific features to improve the quality of the image, improve operational efficiency and reduce the load on the network thanks to its compression H.264 High Profile.

All models of the series generated images in HD 1080 p up to 30 ips and it allows you to transmit at the same time in H.264 and JPEG format. In addition, prioritisation of Stream option allows a priority, in a way that when different video stream devices such as recorders, and PCs customer access simultaneously to camera frames remain constant, which guarantees the quality of the service and total security.

The combination of the Mega Super Dynamic backlight and face detection technologies ensure that imagery for identification purposes are clear, crisp and well focused faces. Face detection function also allows automatic identification of the face of a previously registered suspect, and even allows the automatic sending of an alarm through a recorder IP compatible, alerting security personnel. This adds another pair of watchful eyes of surveillance monitoring teams, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing costs.

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By • 11 Feb, 2013
• Section: Security

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