Exterity doubles the decryption capabilities with the launch of new TVgateways AvediaStream.

Exterity G4315

Exterity just added two new solutions, G4310 and G4315, as TVgateways AvediaStream line with which it is possible to decipher the double number of channels than before with one blade TVgateway.

As an integrated part of the Enterprise IPTV end to end solution Exterity, the AvediaStream TVgateways capture radio and live TV, making them available to users through IP network within organizations.

The new TVgateways are ideal for those organizations that require radio and TV Live but do not want to add more expenses arising from an independent cable network for TV, therefore, allow the distribution of TV channels broadcast HD and SD live over the existing IP network.

The new TVgateway AvediaStream G4315 improves its predecessor, G4215, enabling customers to improve its conditional access offering less rack space and power consumption. The G4315 includes a second slot Conditional Access Module (CAM) that enables customers to significantly increase its capacity to decipher encrypted DVB content. Decrypt simultaneously up to 16 channels encrypted channels double
than before.

The TVgateway also includes advanced PID filtering capabilities, thus providing organizations the ultimate in precise control of audio, subitulos and other metadata of your network channel. Companies can create several internal channels in different languages from the same source or delete extra data traffic from their networks to make them more secure and save valuable bandwidth.

Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity, said that "there is a tendency for broadcasters to protect more channels using encryption, so the CA add a second slot on a single blade offers businesses the opportunity to join more easily increasing restrictions imposed by these agencies on their contents. Exterity has a long history of providing reliable and feature-rich hardware, and these new TVgateways provide extra capacity without sacrificing the features of granular control and efficiency by which this line of products is characterized. "

A reliable and efficient updating

New products TVgateway AvediaStream of Exterity support standards for digital TV DVB-S2 and DVB-S as well as a wide range of CAMs standards of third party to decode channels endcriptados. Their designs of the blade and the chassis offer modular, reliable, recyclable solutions with low cooling requirements.
In addition, the availability of dual-tuner models provides more channels per chassis and lower cost per channel than competitive products. Both blades are removable TVgateways hot, allowing rapid changes and non-intrusive to existing installations. As in all Exterity IPTV devices, these new Tvgateways incorporate a wide range of management options including AvediaServer Manager.

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