As usual since 1996, the company Maryland Sound was in charge of sound reinforcement for the opening and hoped a year in systems line-array VTX and Vertec JBL Pro in stages Crown and control desks Soundcraft digital.

When last January 21, Barack Obama publicly sworn in as President of the United States of America in a second term at the Capitol in Washington DC thousands of people followed the ceremony.

As usual since 1996, the company was responsible Maryland Sound sound reinforcement for the opening and hoped one more year in the line-array systems and Vertec of VTX JBL ProIn steps of Crown tables and digital control Soundcraft to provide the public Banded a clear and clean sound.

The ceremony also included a live performance by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir choir choir and 5th grade Elementary School 22, Staten Island. The event also was attended by James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce.

En el Capitolio, Maryland Sound desplegó un refuerzo de sonido basado en equipos VP7315, VP7215, Control 25AV y AC28/95 de la serie A. Para la multitud de gente que llenó los jardines del Capitolio y del National Mall, se deplegaron 13 torres (construidas a medida) de line-array, cada una de ellas equipadas con 16 Vertec VT4889. Las etapas Crown ITHD12000 fueron las encargadas del refuerzo de amplificación.

The event culminated in the inaugural parade, with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their families in the nearly 2 km to Lafayette Park. This route was covered with nine towers of speakers, each having 10 to 12 elements Vertec VT4889 line array JBL PRO, all amplified by Crown ITHD12000 stages and controlled by consoles Soundcraft Si Compact 24.

Lafayette Park in two towers with four ruffles 8 line-array elements JBL VTX V25 were erected. In this location, Crown ITHD12000 stages were chosen for amplification and a Si Compact 24 Soundcraft console.

The audio system in the presidential box in front of the White House, had 25 JBL Control 25 speakers, amplified with Crown ITHD12000 stages.

The entire system was configured by software JBL HiQnet Performance Manager Pro.

"As we say, the public is most important, and even more when it comes to the ceremony oath of office of President of the United States. The line-arrays of JBL VTX and Vertec Pro, next to the steps of Crown and Soundcraft digital consoles once again played a decisive turn this event a success paper. Said Bob Goldstein, president of Maryland Sound.

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By • 13 Feb, 2013
• Section: Audio

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