Video Client 1.4 (BVC) of Bosch now offers a number of improvements, including enhanced search and advanced support for IP cameras to give customers more control over their video surveillance systems.

Bosch Security Systems It has just launched a new version of your display and storage Video Client (BVC) software. Now, in version 1.4 offers a number of improvements, including enhanced search and advanced support for IP cameras to give customers more control over their video surveillance systems.

The new version also adds support for ONVIF-compatible cameras and a wide range of storage solutions.

With version 1.4, customers can manage contextual and forensic searches of incidences for the Intelligent analysis of video (VAT) and benefit from the new function of automatic tracking camera AutoDome 700 and 800 series.

Intelligent monitoring uses cameras integrated VAT AutoDome to monitor constantly the scenes to see if there is movement and automatically track objects that move within the field of vision of the camera. Customers can set the conditions that will automatically activate the tracking or click on an object moving within live playback to make the camera start your tracking.

The software also includes support for the regions of interest, for the function of live and recorded video. This allows the user to approach a specific area of the image and transmit it through a separate channel, so it can be at the same time a vision of the whole and detail.

Clients can use two monitors to facilitate visualization and assign cameras live streaming to cameos on the second monitor. BVC simultaneously displays live video from a standard definition of up to 20 and megapixel cameras or high-definition (HD) cameras and features cameos from visual adaptation that change dynamically to support the aspect ratio of 16:9 HD images. The live streaming of the cameras can also be displayed on a wall monitor.

Full compatibility

The software is compatible with Bosch IP cameras and cameras compatible with ONVIF 1.02 profile S from other manufacturers. The software is also compatible with a wide range of storage solutions to meet the varying needs of budget and retention. Customers can combine the BVC software with IP cameras of Bosch or devices with cards (SD) or Compact Flash (CF) with what obtained a very affordable IP video system. Other solutions include recordings in the cloud, recorders Bosch 4 to 32 channels (400, 600 and 700) and IP video storage applications (DLA, DVR DiBos and VRM that allows the use of arrays Series iSCSI DSA-E.) Customers also can be activated, if they wish, the recording on the local hard disk of a PC for easy export of videos to any media, including network locations.

Bosch Video Client software is easy to install, configure and use in-tuitivo. A simple Setup Wizard guides users step by step. Cameras can be quickly configured for the scenes more common, at the time which enables individual adjustments for some optimal outcomes for more complex situations. You can define and name a favorite views for each user then they are easily accessible, offering a display of clicking cameras.

The software allows simultaneous control of panoramic cameras, tilt and zoom with a mouse, console and keyboard in the simply series. Also added to the new version the flow control in installations with small bandwidths.

The BVC software is provided free of charge for up to 16 IP cameras or encoder channels. For additional channels you can buy a license, up to a maximum of 128 channels.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized monitoring applications, including tents to the retail, banks, transport and commercial buildings, or for integration into applications of counting people, step flows or analysis of hot spots among others.

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By • 15 Feb, 2013
• Section: Security

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