Your application FaceVACS-VideoScan now employs the recognition anonymous facial for analyze the count, the flow and the demographics of the people visible in sequences of video, to while protects the privacy and security of data.

The German Cognitec Systems It has just presented an updated version of FaceVACS-VideoScan, its technology analysis and facial recognition that seeks to improve the work of security personnel, marketing and operations management departments.

The application now uses anonymous facial recognition to analyze counting, flow, and the demographics of visible persons in video footage at the time that protects the privacy and security of data.

FaceVACS-VideoScan detects them faces of the people in sequences of video live or recordings of video and stores information anonymous by every appearance in front of a camera. The analysis of this information in time real allows that the software count the number of people, its profile demographic, transits and displacement, and, also, detects them visitors frequent and the crowds.

He analysis of them patterns of traffic and patterns demographic during long periods of time can offer to the companies data of visitors accurate for the design of Interior, the location of advertising, and other decisions operational.

Since the technology can analyze a face by gender, age and ethnicity, is possible activate the display of a message directed in signage digital u others devices of advertising.

On the other hand, this facial recognition technology allows real-time comparison of the faces to databases image to instantly find known individuals. Businesses and organizations can detect and prevent unwanted behavior in a much faster and more efficiently, as security personnel can track people online, or receive alerts on mobile devices to act before a suspect. In addition, real-time identification of persons authorized or high-level customers can facilitate access to restricted areas.

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By • 15 Feb, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Dynamic advertising, Security

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