Metro replaced 330,000 tubes fluorescent by lighting LED, which will mean a saving of the 50% on the invoice. Stations, escalators and vending machines will automatically turn off when you close the network.

The Plan of optimization of underground Madrid committed to saving energy to reduce costs. Is replaced them 330,000 tubes fluorescent by lighting LED, which will mean a saving of the 50% on the invoice. The stations, stairs mechanical and machines of sale will turn off automatically to the close the network.

Madrid Metro will launch in the coming months a package of measures that will result in savings of 12 million euros a year for the company in its energy bill, within the Plan of optimization of resources being applied to reduce all possible items with the lowest impact costs for travelers. This savings will be obtained from the energy chapter and will make a more sustainable Metro suburban Madrid.

The network of Metropolitan Madrid goes to implement lighting LED in all the network. Currently, Metro has more than 330,000 fluorescent tubes running more than 17,000 hours a year that will be progressively replaced with new lighting technologies (LED), with what will be an energy saving over 50% on the current lighting reducing the electricity bill in nearly 4 million euros annually, once the replacement of all the lighting network and trains.

Energy saving

The optimization of the propulsion of subway trains will save 1.5 billion euros annually. The Engineering Department of the company has designed a mechanism by which trains will accelerate more slowly using less energy, without having impact on the travel time of users, facilitating also the regeneration of energy of a train to another.

To get a most of the ventilation of the tunnels will be established three different seasonal periods (summer, winter, spring and autumn) annually instead of the current two (summer and winter), allowing ventilation when the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is maximum, it tends to be at night, moment in which the energy cost is also lower.

This measure, that will impact positively on them travelers to the have a better ventilation, will mean a saving of almost 2 million of euros a time end the process of implementation.

Night programmed shutdown

Metro also plans to conduct a review and implementation of systems nighttime sleep timer Lights stations, escalators and vending machines to ensure that after closure of the service are off, except in areas of maintenance and cleaning. This measure will more than 1.5 million annual savings.

Also, Metro apply an improvement in the climate of trains and formulas for disconnection of power substations in peak hours, which will reduce energy costs by 1 million euros.

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By • 19 Feb, 2013
• Section: Control, Lighting

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