Panasonic launches a new version of the firmware for their systems of videoconference with major enhancements: with this update Panasonic teams extend its compatibility with other manufacturer's equipment.

Panasonic It has just introduced a new version (Version 3) of their firmware for HD VC300-KX and KX-VC600 audiovisual communication systems.

Oriented SMEs, KX-VC300 and KX-VC600, systems offer great quality and multiple functionalities. These high definition videoconferencing systems have been designed by Panasonic engineering teams, which have achieved high standards of quality, with ease of installation and operation.

Thanks to the use of the H264 codec, bandwidth requirements are reduced, and to have a high image quality. To combine a high quality image and sound, the feeling of participants in the videoconference is the "be there", avoiding unnecessary, uncomfortable and costly travel.

This new firmware version 3 supports the two most popular videoconference call protocols, SIP and H323, which ensures a wide compatibility with terminals of videoconferencing in other manufacturers using these protocols. For your upgrade, simply connect the computer to the Internet; It will detect the new version and will offer the user the possibility to update the version. To accept, it will be loaded automatically.

The system consists of a terminal, a remote control and a microphone stereo (analog). It can be optionally integrated camera PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) and a digital microphone omnidirectional.

Both the model KX-VC600 as the KX-VC300, allow connect a PC and a secondary camera as video sources, which makes it possible to share presentations and graphics or carry out close-ups of objects to view samples, prototypes and developments with great sharpness and detail.

The links is can see also from a monitor of desktop, a screen of plasma e even give output to the signal of video by means of a projector when is is of that a great audience see the link, for example in a Convention.

There are also optional licenses to allow system KX-VC300 support Full HD and be able to perform videoconferences to 4 participants.

At the same time it has released version 3 firmware has also launched a MPCS software that allows video conferencing with up to 16 participants, which can be both terminals SIP Panasonic (such as the KX-VC300 or KX-VC600) as smartphones, PCs or tablets with software for videoconferencing.

Technical characteristics


  • point to point communication
  • 720p HD picture quality
  • analog microphone


  • Communication between 4 Maximum points
  • Image quality Full HD 1080p
  • Analog and digital microphone

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By • 20 Feb, 2013
• Section: Telepresence / videoconferencing

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