Projectors Projectiondesign F22, F32 and F35 WQXGA and WB processors, supplied by integrator Ocular BVBA, are bringing visitors to the contest through various thematic areas in the In Flanders Fields Museum.

The newly opened museum In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres (Belgium), interprets the stories of the first world war and as such were in the region of Flanders, using modern techniques and multimedia museítica for visitors today and tomorrow. projectors ProjectionDesign F22, F32 and F35 WQXGA and WB processors, provided by systems integrator specialist in Ocular BVBA museums allow visitors to bring the race through various thematic areas: Belle Epoque, First Battle (primera batalla), Ypres Salient (Area around Ypres, scene of the most important battles of the First World War) and Third Battle (third battle) .

Anyone who visits the museum receives a poppy bracelet upon entering. While visitors stroll through the beautifully restored medieval building located in the central square of the city, a microchip incorporating bracelet 'poppy' universally recognized symbol from the First World War, provides video projections, interactive touch screens and sound spaces that are used to recreate the pain and tragedy of war.

Stories of the Great War

The museum has always stressed the stories of individual citizens within the overall context of the Great War These personal stories are told by a lot of varied objects, in addition to through interactive installations and characters exhibit they have They have been portrayed realistically.

To reach the museum visitors can stroll through the exhibition Belle Epoque, Which enhances this period in the prewar period. In this area F32 two projectors are used to project images of footage on a curved structure that simulates a forest of wooden panels.

The exhibition First Battle (first battle), F35 WQXGA projector is used to project the battlefields from the North Sea to the frontlines, projecting images from the roof to a scale model in 3D. The public can observe the deployment of allied troops in the city of Ypres and the first battle bird's eye view.

In the showroom Ypres Saliant Projectiondesign F22 three projectors and processors WB1920 on a curved screen 170 are used to observe the development of the war as if one were to travel in a balloon flying across the sky. The footage includes views of the buildings and the deployment of troops around the city of Ypres. The content is a combination of historical footage and a movie made specifically.

Perhaps the most wrenching exhibition is the Third Battle (third battle)Where four projectors F22 on a curved screen and on the roof are used to display images that include a symbolic narratives made by nurses, doctors, soldiers and priests on one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

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By • 21 Feb, 2013
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