Since LG and Samsung control almost half of the market of screens, the end of the litigation between the two companies will mean to accelerate the development of technology OLED.

LG Display has announced that it withdraws the demand against Samsung in relation to the screens technology OLED. Since last July the two companies were immersed in a cross of accusations, which resulted in several claims about the development and manufacture of screens OLED.

El pasado 12 de febrero era Samsung Display la que daba un paso al frente y decidió retirar una denuncia contra LG por este tema. Samsung Display decidió terminar con la denuncia que pretendía paralizar las ventas de pantallas OLED de LG. A su vez, retiró otra demanda que concernía al último tablet lanzado al mercado por Samsung, el Galaxy Note 10.1.

Ya que LG y Samsung controlan casi la mitad del mercado de pantallas, este acercamiento de posturas significará acelerar el desarrollo de la tecnología OLED.

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By • 21 Feb, 2013
• Section: Display, Business

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