Among the main novelties presented at Interdidac include an interactive projector, a new wireless tablet to control the interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom and an app that allows you to work from any iPad with the Mimio system.

For the first time in Spain, Mimio Interdidac presented at the fair in IFEMA (Madrid) new solutions with interactive classroom technology. In the booth Atlantic Devices, Mimio official distributor in Spain, could see, among other solutions an interactive projector, a new wireless tablet to control the interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom and an app that can work from any iPAD with Mimio system.

El nuevo proyector interactivo, llamado MimioProjector, permite a los profesores proyectar lecciones multimedia sobre cualquier superficie plana, como puede ser una pizarra de borrado en seco e incluso una pared. Se trata de un proyector VXGA de distancia ultracorta que minimiza las sombras. Como característica especial, la opción dual-pen permite que dos estudiantes interactúen con la misma imagen al mismo tiempo, cada uno con su lápiz.

The new projector will be available Mimio interactive model and another standard feature upgradeable. Thus, schools with smaller budget can opt first for the basic version to update it later. The projection size is 70 to 100. " It stands out for the simplicity of assembly; Simply plug into your computer and start working. It includes two 8-watt built-in speakers. It works with a lamp life of 5,000 hours can be changed without removing the projector.


Another new feature that presents Mimio is renewed MimioPad wireless tablet, which controls des interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. The new MimioPad (thanks to the MimioStudio software Collaborate new function), allows you to view and control more than nine tablets from the interactive screen, whether MimioPad or iPad equipped with the new app MimioMobile. Thus, up to nine students can interact on the screen without leaving your site, which facilitates collaborative learning.

The digital pencil MimioPad tablet functions as a mouse, with which students can draw, write or control the screen. In addition, the pencil of the new MimioPad
It works without batteries and recharges automatically on the tablet. Another interesting development is that the new MimioPad no longer needs its own wireless antenna, but works with MimioHub, as MimioTeach and MimioVote.

Finally, another important novelty is the new app for iPad Mimio MimioMobile. It is designed for students who have iPad can use the system
Mimio. With just one license MimioMobile to the teacher's computer, each student with an iPad can interact with the lesson on the interactive whiteboard.
Mimio launches fixed to the Spanish market its board.

In parallel, recently launched Mimio market mimioBoard fixed slate, a device for those who prefer to work on a fixed support. It is a blackboard in one, easily integrated with elements of MimioClassroom. It provides a simple and versatile way to provide students the best way to learn. It has been
carefully designed to be exceptionally lightweight, easy to install, durable in the classroom and allow the use of non-permanent markers. The new slate fixed Mimio is always ready to use, with the push of a button.

La pizarra interactiva MimioBoard viene acompañada del galardonado software educativo MimioStudio, un software sorprendentemente intuitivo con el que los profesores podrán comenzar a trabajar al instante y crear lecciones fácilmente. Además, permite crear lecciones en minutos. Dispone de miles de archivos y contenidos en la galería, que pueden ampliarse con más contenidos a través de la comunidad web de usuarios MimioConnect.

MimioBoard integrates seamlessly into any educational setting and has a matte projection surface with write-enabled dry-erase markers, which does not require any additional slate for work in the classroom. Also it stands out for its elegant design and manufacture a high quality material, durability and resistance.

MimioBoard surface is also proven to reduce blind spots and visual distractions; It offers a bright and consistent quality projection. Can
utilizarse con proyectores de corto o de largo alcance para aprovechar cualquier inversión previa ya realizada en proyectores. MimioBoard está disponible en dos medidas: el modelo ME-77, de 77 pulgadas y 120×180 cms, y el ME-87, de 87 pulgadas y con un tamaño de 120×210 cms.

Gracias a su rápida y fácil instalación ahorrará tiempo y dinero. Ofrece un excelente rendimiento con todas las funciones y un diseño elegante. Es una de las pizarras más ligeras del sector, fácil de instalar y con menor coste de envío. El sistema MimioBoard dispone de 3 años de garantía ampliables a 5 de forma gratuita. En caso de requerir una reparación, solo es necesario extraer y enviar la barra MimioTeach: la pizarra puede permanecer colgada en la pared. A diferencia de otras soluciones, en las que es frecuente
intervention service, transport and long waiting time for repaired units, fixed interactive whiteboard receive the MimioTeach bar mimioBoard repaired or replaced under warranty in just 24 hours, without any cost associated service.

The new devices integrate seamlessly with other products range MimioClassroom, formed by the interactive whiteboard MimioTeach, camera MimioView documents, the electronic response MimioVote the capture support ink MimioCapture and MimioStudio software, which lets you create lessons .

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By • 21 Feb, 2013
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