Canon revolutionizes the viewing scale augmented reality. Thanks to its MREAL system, which launches in March in the US it is possible to generate a virtual immersive environment in real spaces.

Canon He has released the first versions of MREAL System for Mixed Reality, a solution that, unlike Google glasses, will go to augmented reality in industrial environments.

Designers and prototyping through this development can create virtual versions of a given sketch and interleave with real objects to interact with them, thus being able to determine with a "practical" feedback if necessary modifications.

The team consists of two parts: a pair of screen (HM-A1) with their headphones and a complex software (MP-100) developed by the optical sensation.

The content is generated from a video that surrounds the subject, which is captured by a pair of cameras located in front of the user's eyes, so that later in this clip graphics created by the computer are inserted.

The result is shown in two small screens that create a great sense of three-dimensionality.

It is noteworthy that the system must work connected to a computer, while the hull is connected to a controller that, in turn, sends motion information to the CPU for processing.

Canon MREAL be launched in the US in March for about $ 125,000.

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By • 25 Feb, 2013
• Section: Augmented reality

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