This series has been designed based on the experience of more than 65 years of JBL in the development of loudspeakers innovative, with a design care and always with important advances technology.

Three important European rental companies have recently acquired new systems line VTX array of JBL Pro.

The Belgian company AED Rent of rental of AV equipment, known as a leader in the market and a supplier of complete systems, has been the first in Europe to bet on the line-new generation VTX V25 JBL Pro array.

AED Rent purchased no less than 220 units of VTX V25 and 120 units of subwoofers VTX S28, with their corresponding Crown VRack (with amplifiers Crown I-Tech 12000HD).

"We have opted by the series VTX because believe firmly that JBL has the look put in the future" said Glenn Roggeman, CEO of the Group AED Rent. "JBL always has been the best manufacturer of components." Today, thanks to work of Paul Bauman, they not only have the best components if not also having speaker boxes to provide truly amazing sound systems".

The VTX V25 is a product revolutionary that has been built based on the experience of more than 65 years of JBL in the development of speakers innovative, with a design care and always with important advances technology. Designed for touring and also fixed the new VTX series has the legendary JBL sound quality and with the most advanced technology of sound reinforcement, as well as a high quality support

"Technology that uses JBL in the V25 is at the forefront," said Roggeman." If you see how much power distributed system, will be that it is far above the competition. If you also look at the weight of the "cabinets", 82 kilos, we will give that it is another attractive element, no the future environmental issues have a greater relevance in our business. "The transport of a" cabinet "of 110 kg will be much more expensive that the of one of 82 kg".

The VTX V25 is line-array of 3-way, with high directivity control. This model is equipped with two woofers Differential Drive of 15 "specified for 2000 Watt, mounted on cast aluminum, four 8-inch Differential Drive transducers deflectors dedicated to the middle range of frequencies and three Dual-Diaphragm D2 Dual-Voice-Coil compression drivers mounted in a guide wave of third generation as well as a patented frame RBI (Radiation Boundary Integrator).

Also in Sweden and Poland

In addition to the company AED, the company Swedish Konsert Teknik, a rental company, control of integrated systems and sound reinforcement also opted for the VTX's JBL PRO series. Konsert Teknik just invest in a system of 32 VTX V25, 4 subwoofers VTXS28 and 60 amplifiers Crown I-Tech 12000HD.

And finally, a consortium of Polish rental composed Music Cook Sound Design and Audio-Tech just bought 64 elements VTX V25 of new VTX series 44 subwoofers VTX G28/S28, in addition to 66 amplifiers Crown I-Tech 12000HD divided into 22 sets VRack.

These important acquisitions by the largest rental companies in Europe demonstrate the quality and high performance teams VTX JBL Pro and its high profitability for these companies. Increasingly European rental companies offer their customers the VTX line-arrays of JBL Pro, offering for rent a vacation sound reinforcement first level.

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By • 28 Feb, 2013
• Section: Audio

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