Screen system of digital signage, POS (PoP) of YCD Multimedia has been selected by the iconic Sydney Opera House (Australia) restaurant to issue promotional presentations and boost your sales. The screens have been integrated by the Australian multimedia company Mediaplay.

The provider of solutions of media digital smart YCD Multimedia is present with its screens of signage digital for the sector retail in the restaurant Sydney Opera House, located in the Esplanade bottom of the singular building of the Opera of Sydney with spectacular views to the port and to the skyline of the city. The company local Mediaplay, responsible of the integration and management of the system, has installed the screens YCD | Impulse in strategic areas of point of sale of the restaurant, in particular in the area of food vietnamina MissChu and spaces Bécasse Bakery, with content specially designed to promote special products and offers from foods of the season.

The installed solution is YCD | Impulse, developed for marketing and promotion at the point of sale, displays information about the offers of the restaurant's most popular dishes in the city and the seasonal specialties, as well as information about the events programmed by the opera. The screens are connected to the wireless home network of the restaurant, who receive updates of content and promotions through the YCD, managed by Mediaplay, software platform while the owners of the restaurant have local control to change the specialities of the day in the establishment.

One of the innovations of the project has been the integration of the screens in the music channel also installed Mediaplay, featuring custom playlists of soul music, reggae and Australian roots to suit the environment sunny outdoor activities offered in the restaurant's terrace. For Pete Boyce, the Opera House restaurant operations analyst, "the project has been a success. Since we installed the screens we have had a very positive impact on sales and knowledge of all the specialties we offer, like mulled wine, before many customers were unaware and now quickly displayed on the screens of the point of service. We want to improve our forecasts and are planning to install the management platform in real time RAMP of YCD, which will be integrated with our software and will allow us to track sales in real time and promote new products."

Arik Roztal, director of international operations YCD Multimedia, points out that "this project demonstrates the importance of digital media as a tool of promotion and sales in restaurants, attracting the attention of the customers and assisting them in their decision making. The ability to create and change easily and quickly promotions in retail outlets, according to the seasonal, time of day and stocks increases sales and allows effective and suggestive sales. "

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By • 11 Mar, 2013
• Section: Audio, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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