This operation will allow JVC Kenwood to combine its display technologies with its experience in HD display systems, applicable in professional monitors, camcorders and projectors, also sharing the existing sales channels.


Initiated in December last, JVC Kenwood He has now announced the completion of the purchase process of manufacturing for Car Electronics services and medical imaging division of TOTOKU Electric.

Operation type Split, which will be effective on July 1 of this year, also includes purchase of Totoku Nagaoka, a subsidiary of the group.

TOTOKU Electric enjoy at this time of a significant share in the manufacture of display LCD of high range in Japan and other countries of the world. TOTOKU uses its own technology for the design and manufacture of LCD displays of high definition, also used by other manufacturers for industrial products and consumer.

Moreover, the subsidiary Totoku Nagaoka is dedicated also to the manufacturing solutions for the automotive market, in particular in technologies of substrate, based on its experience in manufacturing displays for this industry.

TOTOKUStructural reforms

JVC Kenwood has completed structural reforms which were initiated following the establishment in 2008 of the new group of companies, announced the first positive results in your trading account already in the previous fiscal year and distributed the first dividends in June 2012. Within the new strategy of the group is it of enhance the market professional and it manufacturing OEM in the segment of Car Electronics, and is there where comes the acquisition of such division of business of Totoku Electric within a plan of expansion planned until 2016.

Totoku, a brand well established in the market for medical imaging and many other markets, will enable JVC Kenwood combine visualization technologies with its experience in systems HD display, applicable professional monitors, camcorders and projectors, also sharing existing channels selling. an immediate result of this strategy and for the next financial year 2013 (ending March 2014) is expected.

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By • 3 May, 2013
• Section: Display, Business, Bless you

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