The theme park Isla Mágica (Seville) has opened a new show in the Lake which uses techniques of 3D mapping and Visual special effects on a mobile element, a boat, produced by General production and design (GPD).

Isla Magica

Entitled "Indigenous peoples against alien", the Sevillian Isla Mágica theme park has opened its summer season with this show at the Lake produced by GPD with great impact Visual special effects and 3D mapping techniques.

Isla MagicaThe novelty of this show is the incorporation of this type of techniques of three-dimensional projection on a mobile element, in this case, a boat, from where is staged the arrival in America of the conquerors of the new world, "that the Indians who inhabit there will be perceived as alien"; a story that allows the interaction of the public.

This production of GPF uses mapping 3D (Scrip 3D) and effects special (Render motion graphics) that is projected on different elements scenographic to create amazing illusions optical on screens giant of water, sources Cyber with lighting, cannons of water in tune with music, pyrotechnics, etc.

The multimedia show is projected onto a screen of about twelve meters long by 6 wide, which are used for four projectors video of the Belgian firm Boat, offering a total capacity of 88,000 lumens, with 5 Watchout management and control system of Dataton (e) lighting with Skytracker moving heads.

Isla MagicaFor the implementation of this audiovisual infrastructure had to empty the Lake previously for mounting. The project has received an investment of nearly 300,000 euros.

The company GPD, within the business group Acciona, has also produced, among others, the audiovisual show that the city of Seville projected on its facade at Christmas, and is part of the concept 'cultural engineering', developed by the company, with systems specifically designed to achieve an approach to history and local traditions.

Isla Magica

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By • 3 May, 2013
• Section: Display, Lighting, Production, Projection

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