The Matrox KV Extenders help improve the working environment of the operators who develop their activity in the Central of emergency 112 de Cantabria, eliminating the noise and heat so typical of these rooms.

Matrox Maevex 5100

112 emergency station was launched four years ago by the Government of Cantabria and since then it has been adapting and incorporating new technologies that enable you to respond to needs that offers this service of urgencies. From here are handled all calls that are coordinated with the different government agencies, such as firefighters, healthcare, Civil protection or regional and national police.

In this type of room noise and heat are real problems which must be managed to ensure a comfortable and productive work area for the operators. In order to solve this problem, the Government of Cantabria attended the signing algorithms, processes and designs (APD) who found a solution in Matrox Extio. It was a way of eliminating noise and heat producing equipment and not having to make a large payment or proceed to complicated architectural restructuring.

Remote graphics unit of Matrox Extio, lacking fan, offers a quiet and secure environment by separating the computer host of the monitors and other user peripherals (such as the keyboard, mouse and audio devices) using a cable of optical fiber of up to 250 meters. Each Extio is capable of reaching a maximum of two or four monitors at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 per display.

Configured with Extio

In total, APD installed 14 workstations in the Central Emergency 112 de Cantabria and each one uses Extio for graphics extension in remote. Twelve of systems for the control room, with additional systems for management and supervision at the central office is appointed. Configuration consisted of units-Extio F1220 and F1400, each of them with the corresponding fibre PCI Express cards as. Also special computers Matrox cables were installed to connect the fiber optic interface card to the motherboard in order to enable the remote control of the power and reset buttons from computers using the Extio units.

APD chose ALDA Premiere X model computers 38 in a format of industrial frame of 19″, a system with additional ventilation, power supply and two additional disks (RAID 1). These computers also integrated graphics cards of reinforcement, which are connected to a KVM switch that is located in the same space as the computers. These cards were added so that teams began work for the local administration in case of fault of Extio units themselves or in communication between a fiber optic card and an Extio unit.

Workstations, operating 24 hours every day of the week, are located in the server room, at a temperature of 19 ° C, and are connected by multiple mode to remote graphics units Extio fiber-optic wiring going to two monitors each operator console.

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By • 3 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Control

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