He mirror digital Bubble-izer, gifted of the technology of sensors of Kinect and the design creative of Second Story, is one of them main attractive of the Museum theme of Coca Cola in Atlanta. Reflected images are transformed into representations with effervescent bubbles.

bubble-izer second story

In the city of Atlanta is located one of them museums theme more original, the World of Coca Cola where technology and fun is interspersed. Its facilities are designed to entertain and amaze the thousands of visitors who come to immerse you in a world full of illusion that leads them to know the history of the brand and its largest trade secret: the secret formula for its popular drink. One of the most noteworthy attractions is the Bubble-izer, a digital mirror, located in the large door vaulted, that transforms the image of the same visitors in colorful representations of si full of effervescent bubbles.

This interactive experience has been designed by Second Story, next to Donna Lawrence Productions and Gallagher & Associates, and its objective is create an environment that delight and surprise to them visitors, that them transportation to the secret and the mystery that surrounds the formula of the Coca tail. With this concept, Second Story and his collaborators developed different multimedia experiences that try to capture the spirit of the brand, but not reveal almost nothing of the topic of the exhibition itself: the secret of the formula of the product.

Technology Kinect

Bubble-izer is one of them 12 components interactive permanent of this exhibition thematic and is enter to it after having enjoyed of several of them activities interactive that is offered. In a wall of bubbles are found placed two screens, so-called Get Bubble-ized! and Be Part of the Secret! Also, the attraction incorporates cameras for detection of depth with sensors Kinect's Microsoft that make that when someone is approximate his image is captured in 3D and will transform in representations carbonated with bubbles effervescent.

Kinect technology is also present in other interactive experiences of this museum. Its sensors are used in attractions such as The Secret Formula Security System Drawer or screen 22-inch Live Positively Portrait Wall.

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By • 6 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Simulation

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