Wacom DTK-2241 interactive monitor is a system designed with HD LCD technology that is suitable for presentations in educational environments and a useful tool for professionals in the health sector with its 21.5 inch.


Wacom He has developed a high quality visual communication tool thought in the education and health sectors. The DTK-2241 monitor is offered as a successor of the DTU-2231 and brings major improvements in regard to the performance of your digital pen, screen LCD HD, which brings a higher quality with a wider viewing angle, and their five customizable ExpressKeys that provide a very intuitive working environment, facilitating access to frequently-used functions, to make dynamic and interactive presentations.

The DTK-2241 is presented with a 21.5 inch high-resolution, anti-glare properties and has been built with a material that makes it resistant to scratches. EMR technology that has been built the digital pen that incorporates, with 1024 levels of sensitivity, guarantees a good performance for writing and drawing. This peripheral input also offers a long battery life and its two side buttons allow a faster workflow.

This interactive display from Wacom has a DVI connector and analog VGA connection which allow to reflect information in a projector or other display. In this way, it is possible to share explanations regardless of the number of people who make up the audience or how big that is stay where the paper is made.

Compatible with HDCP, DTK-2241 includes two USB ports for easy connection to external devices directly on the monitor. Allowing a wide variety of working positions, this digital solution is supplied with adjustable from 15 to 72 degrees of inclination, and for added convenience, VESA bracket allows you to add third-party stands.

Health and educational presentations

This equipment has been designed thinking in the work carried out by the teachers and get to capture the attention of students by promoting their participation. With this monitor, the speakers can become static material active and attractive content. To write directly with the stylus on the screen, you can add ideas, reviews, sketches and diagrams in the sessions, creating a more collaborative environment.

Meanwhile, professionals have with this team very helpful in explaining to patients complicated information tool. The Wacom DTK-2241 improves this process by allowing doctors annotate and draw directly on electronic medical records or x-rays. This makes clearer explanations, powerful and easy to understand. In addition, it is a good solution for working with electronic documents, allowing doctors to offer their expert advice to view digital files remotely, speed up processes and provide better quality health care.

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By • 6 May, 2013
• Section: Display

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