Evolve RF antenna Exclusive E is the new solution from Checkpoint Systems to protect the merchandise in stores, improve inventory management and prevent shrinkage.

Checkpoint Systems E10The provider of labeling solutions and shrink management Checkpoint Systems is available Evolve Exclusive E, a range of antennas with radio frequency technology (RF) and radio frequency identification (RFID) consisting of two advertising panels high quality that support for customized promotional campaigns, marketing messages and offers in the access to the establishment.

Checkpoint Systems E10The Evolve Exclusive range E10 is specifically designed to offer the retail industry a smooth transition between the existing RF and RFID technology, while preserving current investment in labels for electronic article surveillance (EAS).

Available in three formats: RF, RFID and dual-mode (RF and RFID), this solution combines theft prevention and merchandise visibility through a single smart tag and inventory management and availability.

The dual antenna RF / RFID not only makes the alarm when it detects someone takes a product without paying, but also identifies exactly which items have been stolen. This feature allows retailers replenish products of linear quickly and not lose potential sales.

This system also identifies when a hurtador returned to the store a stolen to get a refund article, so that helps combat fraud and criminals in retail.

Evolve Exclusive E10 can have different alarm settings depending on the quantity and value of stolen merchandise, offering security personnel the information needed to answer the incidence according to company policy.

The solution is compatible with Wiramaä Radar technology Checkpoint Systems, which tracks the location and address tags (hard tag) in the store and determines whether a garment is just hanging near an exit door or may be being stolen so that businesses can expand their sales area using the space near the antennas without false alarms impair the shopping experience of customers.

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By • 7 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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