Shotgun microphones DPA 4017 have been chosen for the sound equipment Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome as the best solution "not visible" for recording a two operas professional DVD audio.

DPA opera Roma

The Danish manufacturer of professional audio DPA Microphones has provided microphones 4017 Shotgun, selected by the computer sound della Musica Auditorium Parco in Rome to record high quality audio from a DVD of two operas being performed under the Santa Cecilia Opera Studio, a program of master devoted to bel canto.

DPA opera RomaIn addition to a high quality audio, engineer Giacomo sound Caterini stresses that "one of the primary requirements of the director was that the microphones could not be visible during video recording to maintain strict attention of artists, no bad experiences outgoing microphones in their wigs and costumes. "

Another challenge was that the funds Video not appear microphones hanging from the ceiling, "so that initially only had the option of using shotgun microphones placed on the edge of the proscenium, but it would be of a quality only acceptable in an amount sufficient to capture the audio correctly. "

DPA 4017 shotgunThe selected solution were microphones reference standard 4017 Shotgun (shotgun or cannon) of DPA, "because although expected its high quality sound and reliability of the DPA systems, unaware their ability to offer a different and excellent sound to any other team I've tried; with minimal adjustments legible and clean, picking up vocalists who were at the back of the stage, "said De Caterini.

Los micrófonos 4017 ofrecen un sonido direccional claro, sin que importen las condiciones ambientales, con nuevos preamplificadores dedicados para entregar un ruido más bajo que otros de cañón. Las operas producidas para este DVD, “L’Heure Espagnole” de Ravel y “Gianni Schicchi” de Puccini, en la sala Petrassi Hall del complejo Della Musica Auditorio Parco, con capacidad para setecientas butacas, “han cumplido los requisitos sin visibilidad de micrófonos y con una calidad de sonido excepcional”.

DPA opera Roma

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By • 9 May, 2013
• Section: Audio

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