Iberia, AENA and Panasonic Toughbook presented at the T4 Madrid-Barajas digitization project and mobility for airport management in all its phases, that make this airport in the first hub of the world where mobility is a transverse element all processes of the airline.

Panasonic Iberia

Madrid-Barajas T4 has deployed transverse scanning and mobility solutions for all ramp services, aircraft maintenance from the coordination of all work necessary for flight departure, the result of technological collaboration between Iberia, AENA and Panasonic Toughbook.

This new airport management plan is based on the use of mobile devices at all stages, as part of the strategic plan of the company -the Ágora- project to increase the efficiency, timeliness and customer service, which convert the T4 in the first hub of the world where mobility is a transversal element of all airport management.

Panasonic IberiaDimitris Bountolos, deputy director of coordination and hub of Iberia, said "this airport moves in a 24 × 7 digital environment, with a similar to that of our customers to be always connected identity. Therefore our processes have to adapt to this reality that in our case, is a revolution of airport management and a milestone in this industry. "

Real-time and efficiency

In this respect, Iberia has developed applications that can be accessed from devices Panasonic Toughbook, which specializes in solutions rugged mobile devices for businesses that facilitate and improve the efficiency of all processes "with real-time speed of division execution and decision-making, "points out Bountolos.

Panasonic IberiaAmong these applications ramp services are the maintenance of the aircraft; Refueling and review of the emergency teams; baggage handling (in spring and loading / unloading flight); coordination of all tasks for departure flight (cargo, catering, ...) and thawing, with full traceability of all processes.

By using these mobile devices "employees will have real-time information of all operational, it will be able to anticipate possible incidents, improve the management of available resources and, above all, reduce the execution time of the tasks assigned, with consequent improvement in the quality of customer service, "explains the director of Iberia.

Among the benefits of this transformation to mobility, Bountolos emphasizes efficiency in all processes that take place around the plane, with vital information in real time; improving the timeliness and suppression role in the whole operation ramp (around 12.2 tons).

Bountolos ensures that "no other handling operator had deployed to date transverse mobility solutions for all ramp services".

Panasonic Iberia

Security and high resistance

Francesc Castro, country manager of Panasonic Toughbook for Spain and Portugal, "this project has been a challenge because of the complexity of the environment with the development of technologies and applications that add value and have located Iberia and AENA as pioneers points globally in implementing mobility solutions across their management ".

Panasonic IberiaEntre los requisitos que ha cumplido este partner tecnológico en sus dispositivos estaban la máxima legibilidad y visión en pantallas (full HD, con cristal reforzado, transflectivo y tecnología IPS) y robustez del equipo (certificado de protección IP65); mayor autonomía de la batería; ergonomía de uso en el puesto de trabajo (con fundas adaptadas y accesorios que permitan la movilidad del empleado); lectura de código de barras; conectividad 3G y WiFi y sistema Android, Windows,…

Panasonic Toughbook has supplied about two hundred teams CF-19 (rugerizados computers) and FZ-A1 (tablets) models. They have also been willing cabinets intelligent equipment management with RFID tags so that each device is available on autonomy for their respective employees, accessing the same card with NFC chip.

As for safety, besides the login of the employee concerned, each device has three levels of encryption and GPS, with remote management from the control unit on and off if an abnormality is detected. All employees have received training and will be operational in a few months to one hundred percent.

"The added value of this project explains Bountolos- is the software developed by the Iberia management systems and in collaboration with partners, with their own applications for each of the phases of airport management, we are now evolving mobility and we can move to other airports, such as local business case, studying every need. "

Panasonic Iberia

Agora 3.0 project

The Agora project, running until 2015 in collaboration with AENA, is based on three central themes within the complex ecosystem of airport management: increase the timeliness, efficiency and speed of execution and excellence in the quality of customer service "to place the T4 Barajas among the great hubs of the world, "says Bountolos.

This business transformation Iberia "has as an engine of change and key part of the project -recalca this directivo- employees who have participated across all divisions of Iberia in the campaign 'Put the heart in T4' during the last year transversely working with the company and technology partners. "

Actualmente hay más de cien iniciativas en marcha de Ágora para mejorar procesos y la atención al cliente, como los agentes virtuales; las pantallas para orientar en la facturación y displays de gestión de filas de espera; la nueva aplicación de los quioscos de check-in; el control de bonos de comidas a través de PDA o la monitorización de tripulaciones también vía PDA, etc.

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By • 9 May, 2013
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