The new VE882 and VE892 ATEN Extenders cover distances from 600 m to 20 km. transmission of HDMI and fiber optic 3D video content.

They aten VE892RThe manufacturer of connectivity and professional AV They aten International It has developed a new range of HDMI extenders of optical fiber, composed of models VE882 and VE892, to transmit video content full HD 1. 080p and 3D through long distances, with a range of up to 600 m or 20 Km away, respectively.

They aten VE892RAs solutions point to point, these Extenders take advantage of single-mode and require a single fiber optic cable for the connection of transmitter and receiver units, with quick and easy installation, or for dissemination of HDMI signals over long distances.

VE882 and VE892 models are rack mountable, support hot-plug and extend both HDMI as RS-232 and IR. Each unit uses the unique design, FPGA, which provides clock regeneration to ensure optimum performance of the video in high resolution.

They aten VE892RDesigned for reliability and transmission to long distances, VE882 and VE892 use fiber optic technology to eliminate the loss of signal between the transmitter and the receiving units, and are immune to electromagnetic interference.

Marc Salimans, sales director for Aten Europe, explains that "optical fiber provides a high level of safety, especially at long distances. With the VE882 and VE892 Extenders, Aten offers two affordable and highly secure solutions to extend the HDMI video without sacrificing performance. In addition, these products exceed restrictions on length of standard HDMI cables, especially suitable in installations and sensitive data networks".

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By • 9 May, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Distribution signals, Streaming Media

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